Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time in Thailand

My travels take me all around the world, and then some. A last minute trip to Thailand came up so I packed my bags and was on my way. Nearly all of the trip my time was occupied with other matters for work, but the client I was visiting, did their best to show hospitality and brought me to a few local sights while on our way to and from the office each day. Thailand is a very interesting place, I've come to really like the people and their culture a great deal.
No matter where I travel, people are almost always proud of their community, and love to show off the best of the area. In the photos in this post, I was in the south oh Thailand where it is less touristy, but still has some interesting things to see.  This standing Buddha was high up on a mountain and was so beautiful. Peaceful too, don't you think?
The golden Buddha could easily be seen from far away, as it was up so high. Even on a cloudy day the sunlight reflected beautifully on the gold surface of Buddha. I was mesmerized, and had a few moments to pray, as I always do whenever I visit spiritual sites, regardless of the particular religious affiliation. Personally it doesn't matter to me, I find inspiration from all such things.
This was a rather interesting sight. A set of stairs up to another Buddha led into an open mouth, presumably of a dragon or something. It was interesting to see from afar, and also rather unusual to walk into...I did pause for a brief moment, but quickly reminded myself it was merely art.
And speaking of art, check this out. A golden Phoenix bird perched at the top of the mountain , near the Buddha. You can see the temple with incense burning. I was amazed by the beauty of this site. The remarkable part of this was that it was so unremarkable. By that I mean this was not a major destination or attraction, it is just part of the community. As brief as my visit was to this location, it left quite an impression on me. The week in Thailand flew by so quickly, perhaps because most of the time I was working. Still, I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to see such fascinating places in the world as part of my job. Blessings indeed.


Jean said...

We have a young lady from Taiwan in our family and she is such a joy. The people are so friendly.

That is a place I'd like to visit. In this day and age, we are so blessed by the ability to travel and become a part of new cultures.

Keep sharing that blessing with us. I eagerly await your next journey.


WAT said...

Lucky dawg! Ya get to see the whole world! I'm working on it. LOL!


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