Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hit and Run...the Movie

Thursday night I attended the Palm Springs premiere of a new movie called 'Hit and Run'. It's a fun laugh out loud action/adventure romantic comedy about a guy (Dax Shepard) living in a remote small town under witness protection with his hot chick girlfriend (Kristen Bell). When she gets the dream job opportunity of her career, she decides to go to LA for the interview. Although her boyfriend wants to take her, he risks leaving his life of obscurity to head back to a place of danger. Together they embark on the road trip, which quickly becomes an action-packed journey. Things get tricky when the bad guys (led by Bradley Cooper) catch up with the young couple and try avenge the past. Hit and Run effortlessly blends action, romance and comedic elements with some truly funny supporting characters; Tom Arnold plays a bumbling misfit Federal Marshall who does an excellent job with physical comedy that isn't often seen in movies anymore. Jess Rowland plays a local cop whose sex drive antics end up helping him save the day as an unlikely sub-plot hero. Kristin Chenoweth is a pill-popping, straight-talking sexy boss to Bell that delivers big laughs and steals the scenes in a big way. Michael Rosenbaum plays "Gil" the crazed ex-boyfriend who just can't let go.

The film is appropriately rated R for strong language (lots of it) and brief nudity, a bit of violence and a few guns firing, but nothing too harsh. Interestingly, Hit and Run has a refreshing moral compass, weaving several messages through the action and comedy. Hit and Run is rollicking good fun. Car buffs will especially enjoy the chase scenes and engine talk. It is the perfect end-of-summer movie; its good old-fashioned fun, with an easy story that holds your attention and delivers enough laughs to make the ticket price well worth it.

Being the Palm Springs Savant, and having my own ties to the entertainment industry, I'm pleased to share that 'Hit and Run' is yet another major motion picture with a Palm Springs connection. After the premiere, I chatted with Executive Producer Jim Casey and Producer Kim Waltrip, of Palm Springs based Kim and Jim Productions. They both enjoyed working on this project--which filmed in just 28 days. Kim described the production as fun but with "lots of dust" which I understood when I saw the awesome car chase scenes. Hit and Run is written and co-directed by its star Dax Shepard. It is great to see young producers who live here in our fair desert community creating such a broad range of entertainment genres. Hit and Run is sure to garner the affection of its target audience. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter @HitandRunMovie..tell your friends what you liked best about Hit and Run when you see it.

If you are looking for a fun R-rated movie, check out Hit and Run, it will leave you laughing out loud in all the right places.

Watch the trailer here:

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