Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting Better at Home in Palm Springs

Whoa, it has been a rough week. I had been winding down a cold and just had the tail end of a little cough, but nothing too bad. Then I had a bad case of food poisoning/flu, which led to bronchitis. I woke up one night having a hard time breathing I decided it was high time I went to Urgent Care. The good doctors there got me all set up on medicine and I'm on the mend. But wow did this knock it out of me. I could barely get out of bed, or keep my head up. A few days I had a headache so bad that it felt like someone hit me over the head with a cast-iron skillet (you know, like they do in the cartoons?). I think for about two full days I laid in bed groaning. I barely ate for three full days. One full day was spent shivering no matter how many layers I wore. Crazy, nasty stuff.

I'm happy to report that I am on the mend. I feel better but I get tired very easily, even a phone call wipes me out. But I'm fine- not to worry. Through it all, the one thing I can say I enjoyed was the view from my bed. I love living in Palm Springs...I've always thought it was therapeutic for me. The climate, the light, the air pressure who knows. But desert life agrees with me. I agree with this t-shirt, "Palm Springs is Paradise Found'. For me, it was comforting just to stare out the window and gaze at our beautiful San Jacinto mountain range.
So despite being physically ill, my mind has been at peace and happy through it all. Back in the '20s through '40's people with respiratory health problems would flock to Palm Springs because of our dry climate. Scores of people with various health ailments still come here to partake in the "miracle" hot springs, claiming a myriad of health benefits. I can't personally speak to those claims but I can say this, Palm Springs is a good place to recover from just about anything.

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Desert Songbird said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill. My daughter has been ill for most of this week. In fact, the flu has been making the rounds around our city, too. I think it's been a bad year for flu thus far.


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