Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Natural Balance Canines With Courage Rose Parade Float

Rick at the Natural Balance Rose Parade Float
Once again I had the distinct honor and privilege of attending the Rose Parade, along with my company Natural Balance Pet Foods. This was our fifth year of having a float in the famous Rose Parade, and it was one of the best! We didn't set out to break any new Guinness World Records for the longest, or heaviest or biggest, but instead, we wanted to honor Military Working Dog teams. We have teamed up with Petco to help fund a new National Monument to Military Working Dog teams, so our float's theme for this year was a floral replica of the monument.
Natural Balance Rose Parade float 2013

I love this view of the Natural Balance Rose Parade float as it passed by our stands. You can see how beautiful it was with all the flowers and stars
Tillman is now an honorary Marine
There were several military working dog teams on the float, as well as Tillman, the world's fastest skateboarding bulldog who is now an honorary Marine. Tillman set aside his skateboard this Rose Parade to help honor and raise awareness for these true canine heroes, Military Working Dogs.
side view of Natural Balance float
 Here is a great side view photo of the Natural Balance Rose Parade float from 2013. You can see the floral replica of the bronze statues of the dog handler/soldier and the four dogs typically used in the military. I love the way the float looks in this photo against the blue sky, it makes me feel extra patriotic for some reason...and it isn't even the actual monument.
Natural Balance Rose Parade float reunion family

If you watched the Rose Parade, you might have seen the awesome surprise on live TV. It was a reunion between an active duty Army Sargeant and his family. His wife thought she had won a trip to the Rose Parade, and brought her son. When the float stopped, Army Sgt. First Class Eric Pazz came out of the stands, and the little boy, 4-year-old son Eric Pazz II went running to see his father. It was a real tear-jerker for sure. Later, at the post-parade event, I took this photo of the dad and his son on our float itself. Pretty cool, huh?
Natural Balance Rose Parade Float
There are some really incredible photos and moments from today's Rose Parade. Here is another view of our float. I have to say I am so proud of my company for this year's float. Below is an awesome photo of Tillman with Lucca, with her handler, Corporal Juan Rodriguez, stand in front of the Military War Dog Monument.
Lucca and Tillman at the bronze statues of the monument
It was an incredible day in Pasadena at the Rose Parade. I hope you enjoyed my photos!


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I watched the parade on TV and it was awesome! I thought about you when they showed the Natural Balance float. The reunion between the father and son was very touching.

Michelle Maskaly said...

This looks so awesome!

Sofia BizRiter said...

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Desert Songbird said...

Based on the subject of your company's float, your float was the best in my eyes. Tillman looked great in his Marine dress blues, and that surprise reunion was the icing on the cake.


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