Friday, March 13, 2015

Morning Coffee Routines with Mr Sheldon

One of the things I've always appreciated about the similarity of humans to dogs is how we are both creatures of habit and like familiar routines. As a Standard Poodle, Sheldon is intelligent and studies every move I make. He knows my routines and how they affect him. In the mornings when I brew some coffee, he usually waits in the kitchen with me, and then the moment I pick up my mug, dashes out to the patio ahead of me, sits down by one of the chairs and waits for me. (Having four legs, he gets there several paces before me.) Usually I read the morning news from the usual websites, and Sheldon gets his to speak. He hops up on one of the chairs-- or an ottoman, and scans the world from his vantage. All the comings and goings must be carefully observed and monitored. 

Sheldon is a good pal... he humors me when I read a headline or recant some story to him, particularly if it is a dog story. He turns his head toward me, listens intently and when he tires of my meaningless words he looks away in boredom, dismissing me ever-so-gently. Of course periodically he gets riled up about something and barks his opinion to tell off some dog, or to tell me that he smells another dog walking by.  He isn't one to bark often, so I let him blow off his steam and then circle back to me huffing and puffing a bit, until he settles back down by my feet.

Breakfast on the patio is a routine he also enjoys, as there is always the distinct possibility something could go flying off the table and require canine cleanup service. I always say it is a side business he runs called "Sheldon's Canine Clean Up Service" but it doesn't get much business in my home, as I'm not a sloppy eater. But its certainly reassuring to know that I never have to worry should I drop a piece of toast.

Sheldon also seems to know that I have two mugs of coffee, and no more. When I finish the second mug of coffee, he leaves his post and heads to the master bathroom, as he knows I'll shower and get dressed. I enjoy having my morning coffee with Mr Sheldon, he is my best friend and a perfect roommate.

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