Thursday, October 4, 2018

7 Days to Vegas, the movie ♠️♥️♣️♦️

Long time readers of this blog will recall that I am a big supporter of Independent films. Last night I attended a private screening in Hollywood for a new film called 7 Days to Vegas (formerly titled "Walk to Vegas". Inspired by a true story, 7 Days to Vegas is a comedy about a group of high stakes gamblers and poker hustlers who will bet on-- and against, anything. The well written script draws in the viewer through a fascinating cast of characters with their crazy quirks, obsessions, and flaws that help lay the foundation for the entire story line. Anyone who has spent any time at a poker table will appreciate the playful pace and banter among the friends who sometimes defy the concept of friendship to one another. The classic highs and lows of heavy gamblers are masterfully conveyed, thanks to sharp writing by Vincent Van Patten ad Steve Alper. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the story are the never-ending series of proposition bets (Prop bets or side bets) among the group of friends. The ultimate prop, which is the film's namesake is the prop-bet-to-end-all-prop-bets. For sure, this is a laugh-out-loud comedy (for those of you under 40, that's "LOL"). The laughter keeps the story moving, as the character antics have you trying to decide who you like, dislike, and who to trust. The true mastery of this comedy however are thickest plot twists with unexpected outcomes. Aside from some salty language and the usual stereotypes about people in the fast lane of life, 7 Days to Vegas is a fun night at the movies, regardless of whether or not you are a poker player. As it turns out, poker players will love 7 Days to Vegas. World Poker Tour fans will be thrilled to see long time WPT host Vince Van Patten as 'Duke' in the lead role. His real life brother James Van Patten,  nearly steals the film with his portrayal of 'Carl' who has more than a few surprises in store throughout the film.

One unexpected star is the cinematography itself; the natural beauty of the California Mojave desert provides gorgeous scenery and serves as a 'supporting actor' to Duke's plight in his epic walk.

The cast includes Ross McCall as 'Sebastion', who you love to hate, the beautiful Eileen Davidson, as Duke's wife 'KC', James Kyson as 'Wing', John O'Hurley as 'Walter', Willie Garson, as 'Danny' Jennifer Tilly, Chad Lowe and Lucas Bryant, who plays 'Chucky' a drug addicted Hollywood actor with a gambling problem. 

They say laughter is the medicine, and this is just what the doctor ordered for us all. In short, I loved this movie, so don't miss it when it comes out. For now you can see the trailer for 7 Days to Vegas here. Follow the film on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest news. 


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