Thursday, August 7, 2008

An Afternoon of Wine Tasting

You may recall that last weekend John and I were up in Northern California's wine country doing a bit of wine tasting. Today are some photos from our visit to the Zina Hyde Cunningham Winery, located in Boonville, in the Anderson Valley wine region. We are already members of their wine club, so we receive regular deliveries of their wine throughout the year. We had a private wine tasting scheduled for the two of us, with a wide range of some delicious wines. Here is how it all started:

above: as we approached the winery, they had a neat old red truck parked out front filled with wine barrels, for aesthetic effect. It had a very old-world charm to it.

above: the main tasting room is tastefully decorated, with comfy seating across the the large wooden wine bar.

above: of course, we had a private tasting so we were whisked into this delightful room, where we sat for the next two hours tasting wine, nibbling on exotic cheeses, fruit, nuts and chocolate. We also did some barrel tastings, which is when you taste wines not quite finished aging and still in the barrel before being bottled. It was a fantastic experience.

above: after the tasting we went outside to look around the building. If you look carefully at the right hand side of the porch, you can see oak wine barrels stacked up. It was a perfect setting.

above: out back, behind the tasting room was a bocce ball court, just behind the white tent. The view beyond of the rolling hillside of the Anderson Valley was so peaceful, it was a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Tomorrow I'll share some more photos of my trip within California's wine country. Thanks for stopping by.

-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

So which wines did you like? and why?

Tea N. Crumpet said...

You have such a charmed life and I am so glad that you share it, Rick!

I'm presently aging a plum port and about to make a red currant wine. My husband wants me to try my hand at making a pepper/onion wine for cooking.

tt said...

Sounds devine and yummy! You're very fortunate to live in a place where you can have such experiences. Yay for you I say ;)
Have a great weekend!

© Karelian Blonde said...

Just marvellous! Now, where can I get cheese and wine this time in the morning...?


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