Friday, March 27, 2009

Philatelic Friday: Stamps of Noteworthy Women

Welcome to another edition of Philatelic Friday, this week's topic is Stamps of Noteworthy Women. I've featured stamps of other women in prior Philatelic Friday posts, so I won't repeat those. Instead, I've searched low and high, near and far and all around for an interesting variety of women to include in this post. The feature stamp here is of Eva Peron, former first lady of Argentina and later immortalized in the Broadway musical, Evita. Controversial, idolized, vilified and admired by millions, she remains an interesting figure to this day, even 57 years after her death. The rest of the women featured on stamps below are a true cross-section of society. I hope you enjoy this edition of Philatelic Friday...
above: Eleanor Rathbone, Great Britain
above: Anna Julia Cooper, USA

above: Margaret Mead, USA

above: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, USA

above: Martha Washington, USA

above: Women's Progress: Elizabeth Stanton, Carrie Catt and Lucretia Mott, USA

above: Princess Ka 'iulani, from Hawai'i (pre US)

above: The Queen Mum, Great Britain

above: Blues singer 'Ma Rainey, USA

above: athlete Wilma Randolph, USA
Thanks for stopping by another edition of Philatelic Friday, have a great day!
-Rick Rockhill


Kathy said...

Interesting. Why do Stanton and Mott always look so angry?

lime said...

that was another terrific set. i am curious are these all stamps in your own collection?

Diane J Standiford said...

Thanks. Must check my inherited collection and see if I have any great women.

WAT said...

EVITA! I may post on her sometime soon.

THE QUEEN MUM! Damn, she lived like 101 years! All those women have good genes, they live a really really long time.

How old is the current Queen? 348?


you are so darn creative!!!
very cool.
I laughed at the price of the stamps too..23cents? sigh..

grace said...

wonderful. sure wish my Dad was still alive, he would enjoy your Philatelic Fridays.

I enjoy these. Brings many memories.

jackie said...

this is a really creative idea for a weekly post series. your blog is a lot of fun

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOVE seeing all these GREAT GREAT Stamps Rick...! Wasn't there an Ella Fitgerald Stamp and also a Billie Holiday Stamp, too....I was thinking of singers....!


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