Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Art Review: The Work of Erin

Welcome to The Sunday Art Review. This week I am pleased to feature the work of a North Carolina artist named Erin, of "The Babblings of a Whimsical Brainpan" fame. She is an interesting person with a remarkable story. Despite incredible obstacles and challenges in her life, she creates art for others to enjoy. I featured select works of Erin a year or two ago, but recently decided to show a more extensive view of Erin's work. These works, and others are available in poster and postcard. This first piece above left is titled "Elemental" in watercolor.

above: "Evening Snow", original photograph

above: "Magnolia Blossom", oil painting

above: "Roses", original photograph, altered

above: "Winter Blues", oil painting

above: "Winter Moon", oil painting

above: "Winter's Passing", oil painting
I hope you enjoy this week's Sunday Art Review of Erin's work. If you enjoyed these works, leave a comment here, then swing by her blog to say hello too.
-Rick Rockhill


jackie said...

these are lovely. I especially like winter moon.

Kathy said...

thank you for sharing these, Rick. They are absolutely lovely!

whimsical brainpan said...

Thanks for posting this Rick!


Kathy said...

Rick -- Just came from Erin's blog. Wow! The strength of her spirit amazes me. Thanks.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i especially enjoyed the magnolia bloom...

smiles, bee


I LOVE the one of Winter's Passing!!!
You gave me a chuckle with your Erin selection, because as you know from being a former Chicagoen, the river is dyed green, the parade has been walked, the pubs are full and ERIN Go BRA (Intentionally mispelled) has misplaced her bra.

Happy EARLY St. Patricks day.

Great art! She's gifted. If I had money to splurge I'd buy the Winters Passing...It's just so refreshing and cool and calming to look at!

Happy Sunday to you Rick and to your household of favorites!

Anonymous said...

Loved the rose photo and evening snow...

kenju said...

All her works are wonderful, and she is a pleasure to read!

grace said...

lovely work. thnx of sharing her work.

Your previous post is truly inspiring.

have a good week. :)

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Winter moon is behind my house, whence I can see Russia, the sages say! LOL

Erin's blog is fascinating!

Kanani said...

Ah! These are really great. I'll have to stop by and leave her a note. Hope you're well. I was out your way this weekend just relaxing. Will be out there a lot as they grey, damp, cold weather continues!

Mags said...

The first one reminds me of a painting I did a long time ago-I painted the canvas different colors and then painted over it in black, then I scraped some shapes out and had pretty colors under!

I love "Winter's Passing".


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