Friday, July 31, 2009

An Update On The Voting...

Just a quick update on the list of potential names for our new Poodle puppy that comes home later tonight. Votes have started to come in from you, friends on Facebook, Twitter and a few to my personal e-mail too. As I've mentioned, when we actually meet the new puppy and observe his personality, we'll know which name is right for him. But in the meantime, here is how the voting has stacked up thus far:
Milton: 8 votes
Sidney: 5 votes

Dexter: 4 votes
Duncan: 4 votes

Chester: 4 votes
Cedric: 3 votes
Baxter: 2 votes
Logan: 1 votes
Tanner: 1 votes
Xavier : 0 votes

Now that you can see where the votes are headed, feel free to weigh in again; probably one of the top five names is where we're headed. But a late rally for one of the bottom ranking names could sway us...
Sheldon is coming along to pick up his new brother; it will be a bit of a reunion for him to see his mommy, grandmother and sister who is already a rising star among Poodles. We'll probably see his sister at the upcoming dog shows...but more on that another day. Today is all about Sheldon and his new little brother "__________", whose name will be revealed here on this blog Saturday morning, along with some uber cute pictures of course. Hope you can stop back.
-Rick Rockhill


snowelf said...

Those are all such good names!! I like Baxter, but it seems like a cat name to me. I also like Duncan and Milton. And I have to add that I like Niles, but it's not on the list. :P Can't wait to see what you guys chose.


Sharon said...

Milton! Definitely! Although with the names Milton and Sheldon it sounds like they should be bonding over bagels and lox at the corner deli. LOL!

© Karelian Blonde said...

Can't wait to see the pics and hear the first impressions from everyone!!!

My vote is still for Sidney :)

Mags said...

I'm so excited for you all!!!!! I can't wait.

Ok...since Logan isn't going anywhere, I'll put my 2nd choice in as Sidney. I think Sidney and Sheldon sound right. I don't like Chester b/c that's my hometown and it always sounds funny to me when it's a person's name.

Kathy said...

And from the great state of Maryland -- Kathy casts her vote for Duncan.

Jennifer in Mpls said...

It HAS to be Duncan!!!!!! 3 votes from my household (me, Keara, and Ava). Can't wait to meet both boys next spring!!!

Rhodester said...

No "Dave?" *sniff*

grace said...

Chester, I like Chester.

Oh, I will be back to see those pup pics. :)

kenju said...

I still think that "Milton" goes with Sheldon better than the others.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm partial to TANNER! And it's because I know a dog named Tanner, and he is so very very special.
It's a good strong name but also has an elegance and softness to Vote goes to:


Rhodester said...




*Tasmanian Devil III*

*Rick's Fuzzy Little Sunshine* (coming down the stretch, aaaaaan it's Rick's Fuzzy Little Sunshine by-a NOSE!)



*Barky Manilow*

*Yap Efron*

*Sheldon II*

*Groomer's Delight*

..this is all in case "Duncan Diggory Rockhill" doesn't work out, like it turns out there already is one or it's a case of licensing or something.


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