Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Hippy Green Grocer

Last week I was in Portland, Oregon on business for a few days. I always enjoy getting up to the Northwest part of our country. It's so green- in more ways than one. It is green in the sense of the landscape and foliage- a stark contrast to Palm Springs or even San Diego, where the hills are all brown from low rainfall. Portland is naturally green and easy-on-the-eyes. But Portland is also green in another manner. Green as in eco-friendly. Restaurant menus are printed on recycled paper. Recycle bins are available in most places consumers go. It just seems Portland is more green than many other places I visit- and believe me, I get around the country. In addition, wherever one goes in Portland, you can easily find all sorts of natural and organic products. I drove past this cute little "country store" called The Green Grocer. We stopped in for a look around. It was a wonderful little store with all organic and natural products. I bought some organic ice cream bars, and organic peanut butter crackers as a snack. Also had a nice chit-chat with the hippy chick who was working. I had a feeling she may have been the owner, but it wasn't clear. She as all excited because some movie is using the exterior of her store in a major Hollywood movie sometime soon. I already forgot what the name of the flick will be, but it didn't really matter anyway. I just thought this little store was so cute. I wanted to patronize a local business, especially since it was full of wonderful organic products. Anyway that's my little Portland story of the Green Grocery. Any green stores in your area?
-Rick Rockhill


lime said...

we have a little health food store but that's it.

Kathy said...

More and more.

W.O.T.E. said...

I love Oregon. If I leave Fl I might end up there. We have a shoe store that is a 'green' building and native plantings.

Seamus said...

We really miss this "green" energy of the NW. Nothing where we are, but at least there are some in Austin.

Nina said...

We have an organic farm coop that my son and his soon to be ex-wife were members of. They are pretty green. But my son is an environmental engr. who is buying one of the 1st energy-star certified houses in Nashville.

Anyway, I think the store is so cute it deserves to be in a movie. It's just a nice color of green with the red door and white trim.

Nina in Nashville


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