Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Adventures of Sheldon & Harry Potter

Regular readers are familiar with the occasional mini-series of The Adventures of Sheldon which started in 2008 or later the Adventures of Sheldon & Duncan which started in 2009. It has been a month or so since the last episode, so its time for a fresh installment! I can't think of a better night than to be at home relaxing with the poodles. Both Sheldon and Duncan are happiest when we're all home together. Today brings The Adventures of Sheldon & Harry Potter. It all started when I settled down in the media room to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Mr Sheldon curled up on the black leather sofa next to me while Duncan Diggory chose to sit on the floor at my feet. As the movie started, Sheldon instantly perked up. We have surround-sound speakers in the media room that provide for excellent sound quality. Sheldon was drawn into the story in no time.
I first noticed in one of the scenes when there was a Quidditch match with kids flying around on their broom sticks. I watched Sheldon's head movie side to side as he watched the action on the big screen in front of him. I was amused by his interest in the film. 
Shortly thereafter there was a scene when Harry meets Professor Slughorn whilst snipping tentacular leaves through a window in in Professor Sprout's greenhouse. The magical tentacular plants are moving around wildly in their pots while the Professor attempts to snip a few leaves. For some reason, Sheldon was fascinated by this scene and watched intently. Maybe it was the sound and the movement of the plants. Sheldon leaned forward, to have a closer look at the screen. His ears perked up and he watched intently. I managed to snap the photo of his profile at that exact moment. I had no idea he enjoyed Harry Potter movies as much as I do. Sheldon watched the entire movie with me. When it was over, he got up, stretched out, yawned and walked to the bedroom to go to sleep. Another busy day in the life of Sheldon Gryffindor Rockhill.


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Sheldon has good taste in movies. I often wish I had the ability to read the minds of my pets. I'm sure I would learn a lot from them.

Anonymous said...

They need entertainment too! I'm glad he liked the HP movie... sounded like a wonderful day for the big guy...

KathyA said...

That's funny, Rick! I wonder what enticed him so and what he was thinking!


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