Monday, December 13, 2010

Rick's Roadshow: I Saw London, I saw Paris

Here is another installment of Rick's Roadshow: I Saw London, I Saw Paris. What is there to write about Paris that has not already been written? I cannot imagine anything at all. During my time in France, I remembered that my command of the French language is not as good as it once was, no, make that not ever as good as I thought it was. I studied French over 25 years ago, and have barely used it at all. I am good at ordering French wine, French cheeses, and French baguette, but that seems to be where my expertise ends. Well that's not entirely fair, I was fine with reading menus and such so that accounts for something, I reckon. During these austere times, it is probably best that I forego the details of my time in France. Instead I'll share just a few photos of the Louvre, Paris' famed museum known to millions of art lovers.
Stunning architecture of the Louvre
Even the gardens at the Louvre are romantic

Paris loves its arches, or should I say "Arc"

Really, this needs a comment?

All I could think of was Dan Brown's book

The French Police- angels on horseback, trumpets blaring.

This photo sums it up: grace, elegance and beauty.

While shopping at Galeries Lafayette, I spotted this wonderful shop window and took this video clip. It is quite charming:

I've long thought that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities by night. Almost any Rue you cross, there are wonderful feasts for the eye throughout Paris. I always recommend walking back from dinner, as it is the best way to see this terrific city at its best.

Here I am in the lounge of a hotel, enjoying a very nice French Bordeaux, well a bottle actually. That plus some fresh bread, wonderful cheese, and snacky things. These are the moments that make Paris Paris, if you know what I mean. I don't smoke, but the only way to have made this a more French moment was if I were smoking and quoting philosophy whilst sipping my wine. Indeed, Paris is divine, even in the winter.


© Karelian Blonde said...

I loved Paris too and I have to admit to few pitchers of Bordeaux as well :)

I will most definetly go back!

Anonymous said...

I speak "Restaurant French" LOL! I can ask where to locate a taxi and ask a porter to get my bags. Oh, and most important of them all, tell a taxi driver how much change I want. That's it.

I'd love to revisit the Louvre...

It is a beautiful city, the lighting on the public art, and the architecture.... Ooh-la-la...

KathyA said...

And you forgot to add "and talking politics!"

Enjoy your time in France. When I saw that photo, I immediately thought of Dan Brown's book as well. I did learn this week that they've spotted a series of numbers and letters underneath the final veneer of the "Mona Lisa". Exciting, n'est pas?

C said...

What FABULOUS photos!! Thanks for sharing!

P.S. All I could think about was Dan Brown's book too when I saw that particular photo you were referring to (with the Dan Brown comment).

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Wonderful pictures of Paris and London and the surrounding GREAT Places...! You always have such a great time on your trips, Rick...!
And now....back to Natural Balance. I will check out that special, if I haven't alredy missed it...!


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