Friday, December 17, 2010

Watch Our TV Special This Weekend!

One of the really cool aspects of working at Natural Balance is the fun we have preparing for our awesome float in the Rose Parade. I mentioned yesterday that this year's float will set new records and be entertaining too. Our float has so much public interest, that once again a TV special was filmed and will air this weekend! "The Making of The World's Heaviest Float" shows the behind the scenes details of how we build the float, how the dogs train, and some of the drama behind it all. There are a few celebrity guests and sports legends who make appearances in the TV special. If you love dogs or sports, be sure to watch this show, or set your DVR to record it. Here are the air times on the stations I am aware of so far. If your city isn't listed below, try the WGN Superstation channel, you may be able to pick it up on their national feed, just check local listings.

  • KSWB/San Diego Sat 12/18 @ 430pm
  • KTLA/Los Angeles Sun 12/19 @ 5pm  & Sun 12/26 @ 4 pm
  • WPIX/New York Sat 12/18 @ 6:30pm    
  • WGN/Chicago Sat 12/18 @ 5pm  
  • WSFL-TV/Miami Sat 12/18 @ 6:30pm
  • WDCW/Washington, DC Sun 12/19 @ 5pm  
  • KZJO/Seattle Sun 12/19 @ 5pm  
  • KRCW/Portland Sat 12/18 @ 5pm  
  • WPHL-TV/Philadelphia   Sat 12/18 @ 5pm  
Tillman practices his skim boarding skills!
I wouldn't steer you wrong, this special is a lot of fun to watch, and its only a half hour so you can probably catch it before or after dinner. Wait til you see Tillman, Rose, Lyle, Sully and their Dock Diving Dog friends train, its a real treat. Hope you have a GREAT weekend! I'll be watching it with Sheldon and Duncan.

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KathyA said...

All the prep work and time needed for this great event show real commitment.

AND it's hard to believe (but amazing, too) that the Tournament of Roses Parade celebrates its 122nd b-day!!


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