Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun and Furry Friends at Blog Paws!

Rick with Sheldon-Gryffindor, Diane and Cosmo at Blog Paws
Among the things I enjoy most about being a blogger are the friendships and connections that can be made. Over the past few years I've met some truly nice people--and their pets too! For instance, here is my blogger pal Diane and her pup Cosmo, known on Twitter as @CosmoHavanese. Diane also pens the really terrific blog To Dog With Love, which you should check out sometime. Diane and Cosmo are constantly doing great things to help raise money and food for various animal-related charities through bloggers and brands. I met Diane a few years back at BarkWorld Expo, and we've kept in touch through the years. It's funny how the Internet brings together people from all over the world, who you might have never met. 

Today my best pal, Sheldon Gryffindor was all decked out for Day Two of Blog Paws, wearing his snazzy new plaid bow tie. He looks handsome in the tie, don't you think? Sheldon worked hard today...he was a spokes-dog again at the Natural Balance booth for most of the day. In addition to working the booth, he also joined me for a few sessions where he listened attentively. We went to the 'Power of YouTube' session to hear CJ Jackson and Lauren Girard, who did a great job speaking. Sheldon perked up when he saw their dogs Jazmine and Paige do their tricks for the audience. He was so happy watching them, his tail wagged the entire time.

Sheldon has his own trading cards
 Incidentally, I had some really cool social media trading cards printed for Sheldon just in time for Blog Paws. These are a contemporary more fun option than traditional business cards. Since Sheldon has been more prolific on Twitter this year, it seemed to make sense that he had cards to give to fellow Bloggers he meets in person. If you ever want to check these out for yourself or your pet, go to for more info. Well that's about all for now. Saturday is another full day at the Blog Paws conference, so I'll have more to share tomorrow.
If you will be attending the session on Pinterest at Blog Paws on Saturday, let's follow each other's boards! My boards can be found at:

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Cosmo Havanese said...

Thanks for including us and for the nice words! Love the pic of us and the handsome fur boys!

So great to see you again! Hope to see you at BarkWorld!
Your pals,
Diane and Cosmo!


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