Friday, June 8, 2012

Now That's a Teddy Bear

Both Duncan and Sheldon love over-sized plush toys. Usually its something about the size of their own head, or slightly larger, with a long neck and wide body (think a penguin, giraffe, goose, etc). They gleefully carry their over-sized plush toys around the house, quite pleased with themselves, stopping only to gnaw and make it squeak. Recently however, while out shopping at Costco, I spotted this massive plush teddy bear. It wasn't hard to miss! Knowing how much the poodles love big plush toys this teddy bear was a "must have" Back at home, neither Duncan or Sheldon knew quite what to do with him, but they do like to wrestle with him. He's a bit too heavy for them to drag around the house, but he certainly makes a statement, don't you think? 


grace said...

I wonder if they thought a new Poodle had entered the house. What a fantastic toy. I bet a video of them wrestling with it would be fun!

© Karelian Blonde said...

Gorgeous big teddy and I hope "the boys" enjoy playing with him. I want one!!!

Baby momma said...

A video of the dogs wrestling the bear would be cute and funny


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