Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Sure Flew By....

At a Buddhist temple in Hong Kong
With just 28 days, February is always a short month, yet time has seemed to whizz by even faster than usual. Back to back trips such as Hong Kong and NYC--among other several destinations have resulted in more than a few times when I was not entirely sure in which city I had awakened. All these travels have been for personal business and pleasure, so I am certainly not complaining in any way. 

Back at home, I have a collection of clocks, quite a few in fact, cuckoo, mantle, carriage and various other wind-up clocks. There was one week in particular when I could have sworn they all ran fast--meaning that it seemed to me that I was having to wind them more often, suggesting to me that time was going my more quickly than usual. I don't really think there was anything different happening, just my awareness of time appearing to be fleeting. If nothing else, it was the universe reminding me to appreciate every second.

With March upon us, and Spring just around the corner things are just kicking into high gear. 2015 is shaping up to be an exceptionally lucky and enjoyable year. I hope it brings you peace, prosperity and continued good health.

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