Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Westminster Dog Show Day 2

Day 2 of the 139th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was great fun as always. From the benching at the Piers to the live, televised event on Tuesday evening, it was the pinnacle of dog show sporting. Being a dog fancier myself, I have my personal favorites among the many breeds. Like any sport, there are always highs and lows when cheering on your favorites. The judges did a fine job in all seven of the groups. I was especially impressed by the gait of the standard poodle and the skye terrier, the Best In Show (BIS) judge had to make a tough call overlooking these two for the first place. 

That being said, the BIS Beagle "Miss P" was a crowd pleaser and a stunning dog. My guests at the show were beagle fans so they were thoroughly delighted.  I was reading the "history" section of the very handy new Westminster smartphone App, and found a few interesting stats about the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This show pre-dates the invention of the light-bulb, the automobile, the zipper, the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and Washington Monument, and the establishment the World Series. Indeed, after the Kentucky Derby, the Westminster Dog Show is the oldest, longest running sporting event in the USA. It is a treat to continue to participate in this event every year. This was my 11th year attending Westminster, and it was as exciting as the first. Whether you are a dog fancier or not, it is educational and interesting to watch the dog show. They always share breed traits and information to the viewers to better understand each dog.  If you are ever considering bringing a dog into your life, be sure to research the various breed traits, and not just select on appearance. Many dogs have specific personalities, traits or inherent needs, so you should be certain to select a breed that suits your lifestyle.

Whether you buy/rescue or adopt...and regardless if it is a pure breed, mixed breed or mutt, having a dog is a big responsibility, so do your homework. Above all, please never buy a dog from a mall pet shop, they often procure their dogs from dreadful puppy mills where they overbreed, and keep the mother dogs in unpleasant conditions. Overbreeding leads to health issues, personality deviations, developmental problems, and is also very unhealthy for the poor female dog giving birth too often. Dog Show folks are responsible breeders, and follow a very specific code of conduct. If you prefer a specific breed, look online for a reputable breeder and do not buy from a retail store. 

Many pet stores do offer adoptions from various rescue partner associations. Those are also an excellent option if you want to rescue a dog (which I do recommend).

Well that's all for now from my soap-box. 

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