Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Skyline of Palm Springs

I took this photo with my iPhone 6
I've long had a love affair with the city of Palm Springs. The majestic San Jacinto mountain-- which looms large over the Village of downtown Palm Springs, is the backdrop of this entire city. It provides a sort of natural canvas upon which a virtual painting is created each day for residents and visitors to admire. No two days are alike when you view this virtual canvas; the position of the sun, temperature, atmosphere, the exact position from which you view the mountain, even the time of day can all affect how it looks. 

Last night I was struck by the intense beauty along North Palm Canyon Drive, just at twilight. It was an interesting combination of deep rich colors, appearing both dramatic and peaceful. The jagged edge of the mountain peaks, the deep cobalt blue sky, with stars twinkling, the hint of light still emerging from the west, and the yellow-orange glow of lights from Palm Canyon. It was captivating. The native indians here say these mountains have great energy and are grounding for ones soul. There are times when I can stare at these mountains and immediately feel more relaxed and reassured. It isn't something that can be explained easily, but you know it when you feel it. If you have ever visited or lived in Palm Springs, you will know just what I mean.

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