Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Journey to Orlando

This morning I caught an early flight out of Palm Springs to Orlando, Florida to attend the Global Pet trade show. I flew on a jet owned by a friend of a friend named Ted (see right) so I expected a first class trip to Florida. As it turned out, Ted has a lot of friends who needed a lift. There were quite a few other people on Ted's plane. Anyway unfortunately for me, one of Ted's friends was the Marlboro Man from 1942. He was an old wrinkled up man with a giant cowboy hat who reeked of cigarette smoke and whisky. What a joy. I instantly put on my headphones and turned up the ole iPod, sipped my Bloody Mary quietly and tried not to breathe.
Above: the smelly old cowboy who sat next to me on my flight to Orando. I think he had a few too many ciggies and shots of whisky before the flight.
-Rick Rockhill


Duranfan said...

Hidee and greetings from Loserville, Kentucky! Thanx for stopping by. I thought I'd return the favor. LOVE all the pop culture stuff! Excellent job! Looks like I'll be stopping by here more often...

Michael C said...

It would not have surprised me if the old cowboy starting reciting the lines to the gambler for you...At least you got there safely ;-)

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

Rick, You didn't tell me about the Marlboro Man, I thought he died a few years ago, but by ther looks of your "picture", he looks like he did. Abbie R.


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