Wednesday, February 14, 2007

SAG Foundation "Love Equals" Event

This morning I attended the awards ceremony for the "Love Equals" writing contest, sponsored by the Screen Actor's Guild Foundation. The contest honored 64 children for their achievements in writing at the celebrity-studded awards ceremony at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Over 11,000 submissions were received and judged by a panal of celebrity judges. A number of celebrities attended the award ceremony this morning and read the winning entry for each age group. In the group photo above, left to right: KJ Steinberg, Constance Marie, JoBeth Williams, Henri Zimand, Linda Gray, Burt Reynolds, Donna Mills, unidentified male (rear), Marcia Smith (from SAG), Jane Kazcmarek and Esai Morales. Other celebrities present but not in this photo were James Cromwell, Morgan Fairchild, Jerry Penacoli, and Masiela Lusha.

Friend Jerry Penacoli of NBC's "Extra" was the Master of Ceremonies for the Awards ceremony and did a great job holding the attention of children aging from 4 to 11, as well as the adults in the audience. The Warner Avenue Elementary School Children's Choir opened and closed the show with an original song written just for this writing contest.
I was pleased to present the PETCO Award, given to two youngsters whose poems were about how dogs give love to them. When Jerry Penacoli announced my name, I walked on stage and realized I had not prepared any remarks-but never at a loss for words, I managed to speak about PETCO's passion for pets and how pleased we were to recognize these children's passion for pets. I presented each child with a check for $500, plus a $100 gift certificate to PETCO. In addition, they can adopt a puppy or kitten from any PETCO store with all expenses paid, including a complete kit of new pet supplies. We also awarded a year's supply of Natural Ultramix free dog or cat food. The cash prizes and free food are courtesy of Castor and Pollux, makers of Natural Ultramix holistic dog and cat foods.

Above: Former "Dallas" star Linda Gray was really sweet when we chatted before the ceremony

Above left: Esai Morales & right: Burt Reynolds

Above left: "Knots Landing" star Donna Mills, & right: Morgan Fairchild who presented the "Palm Springs Award" based on a child whose poem was about how Palm Springs means love because his grandparents live in the desert.

Above left: "The Queen" star James Cromwell, & right: "Malcom in the Middle" star Jane Kazcmarek

Above Left: "Poltergist" star JoBeth Williams-we chatted over coffee before the ceremony, & Right: KJ Steinberg seemed a little high maintenance at first but when I sat next to her she was very pleasant.

Walls of colorfull balloons lined the stage and seating area

Above: The kids who I presented the PETCO Award: Jimmy Zhou and Kasey Constantine. Celebrity readers: Masiela Lusha (in pink) and Constance Marie (in blue). Far left in the second and third photos is Emcee Jerry Penacoli.

Above: The Warner Avenue Elementary School Children's Choir
-Rick Rockhill

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