Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mediterranean Cruise: Champagne Party

One of the things I enjoy about cruising is the variety of things to do while on board the ship. Whether it is a day at sea an evening, you can see a show, play a game, watch a movie, participate in activities, hit the casino or just enjoy a glass of wine in a lounge. But equally fun are some of the parties the ship throws for passengers. Some events are open to all passengers, and others are for the passengers who cruise frequently. John and I are "Platinum Captain Circle Members" with Princess, so sometimes we go to receptions to have cocktails with the Captain and Senior Staff. I thought I'd share some photos from the Champagne Waterfall Party that was hosted for all passengers this week. They had this pyramid of champagne glasses stacked up and they were pouring bottles of champagne down from the top, to allow it to cascade down to all the glasses. It was fun to watch, and everyone enjoyed free champagne. The highlight of the night was the sumptuous buffet of fresh fruit and pastries. They usually have something like this on most cruises, yet I am always impressed by what they can do with a watermelon or cantaloupe! Check out these fun photos:
above: this beautiful ice sculpture was the focus point of the table

above: A Donkey...the tongue moved in and out when you walked by.

above: I think this was supposed to be a duck

above: The Energizer Bunny

above: A fish...
above: a Tiki Hut, I think.

above: I call this: "Fruit on Sticks"

above: my little snack plate..all healthy stuff, isn't it?
Soon the Party Was Underway....

above: Cousin Peg took her turn at pouring a bottle of champagne

above: I joined in the crazy Conga was a good time.
Well the Big Mediterranean cruise has ended, it went much too quickly but it was a LOT of fun. Now we're in Venice for a few days, so I hope you can come back for a few installments of Rick's Roadshow: Venice Italy.
-Signore Ricardo Rockhill


RhodesTer said...

Now you've got me wanting to do that someday.. do ships still book passage in the steerage section?

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wonderful fun rick!!! how in the world do you post all those photos on a ship? i can't seem to upload them at all until i get back.

looks like you had a great cruise! ours was not so good.

smiles, bee

Naomi said...

Looks like you and John are having a wonderful time Rick. Love the sculptures and the champagne pyramid. I'm sure you will enjoy Venice. I was there last year. It's a wonderful city. Have fun!

TWISI said...

the donkey is a little too bizarre for my taste....the others are adorable

Seamus said...

Love the watermelon carving!

Olivia said...

One of the highlights of my mother's caribbean cruise was the food art!

lime said...

those fruit carvings really are amazing. it always impresses me too.


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