Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mediterranean Cruise Day 3: Monte Carlo, Monaco & Provence, France

Wednesday was a fantastic day. We were in Monte Carlo, Monaco and Eze, France. I had been looking forward to seeing Monaco and it was everything I always imagined. Eze was a pleasant surprise, Provence is such a charming region of France. I awakened this morning in time to watch the sunrise illuminate the coastline of Monaco. There were a number of beautiful yachts in the harbor, all sparkling clean and shiny. I could see the famous Casino from our ship- it has a commanding presence in Monte Carlo. We first traveled to Eze, France which is part of the Provence region. It is a very old village with history dating back to the Ancient Romans, with influences still visible to this day. Like much of this area, the Middle Ages brought the destruction of many Roman statues and effects, but over time they were rediscovered and restored in some fashion. Eze is an area with a winding pathway up a steep hill, with the peak 1,500 feet above sea level. Eventually we reached the peak and visited the remains of the ancient castle, which today is surrounded by a cactus garden and sculptures. I did some shopping and stopped for tea at a nice cafe.

above: there is nothing like a fresh piece of authentic French bread!
Our visit to old Monte Carlo was surreal- the Palais (Palace) and other buildings was like trip back in time, but all with pristine architecture and streets so clean you could eat off of them. Unfortunately I'm having problems with uploading photos while at I'll try uploading more again tomorrow. Here are some photos of Monaco:

above: The Palace

above: changing of the guard at the Palace

above: The Cathedral
above: inside the Cathedral
above: Look closely at the details in the doorway.

-Messiur Richard Rockhil


Anonymous said...

I love Eze, Nice, and the Riviera... One of my favorite spots in europe.

And I agree, there's nothing like good french bread fresh from the boulangerie.

kenju said...

The details in all of Europe make it such a beautiful place. Modern architecture cannot come close it those old buildings!

RhodesTer said...

You'd BETTER have gotten me a "my friend Rick went all the way to Monte Carlo and all he got me was this dumb T-shirt" T-shirt!

I wear a large.

karma lennon said...

Ah, I so love coming by here and seeing your photos. Makes me SO SO excited about my own travel plans!! Hope you're well, Rick! :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Those Old Hill towns all through the South Of France are so charming and you get such a feel of history...! Beautiful pictures, Rick.
And Monaco....How Beautiful is it?? GORGEOUS!


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