Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mediterranean Videos

While I was in the Mediterranean, I took a few videos with my cheesy camera, just for the fun of it. They are all short, so it won't take too long to check them out. I hope they are remotely interesting. I'm back home in California but not yet fully adjusted to the Pacific time zone yet, I have some residual jet lag going on. For those of you keeping track, I'm traveling today on to the San Francisco Bay Area. Just what I need, more travel. Well that's all for today. Enjoy these videos.
Kotor, Montenegro:

Rome Italy:

Ravenna, Italy:

Venice, Italy:
-Rick Rockhill


A Lewis said...

on my way to watch the vids now...hoping for a sexy European beach one...darn it. Happy (continued!) travels.

kenju said...

Oh, the things you have seen!!! Memories for several lifetimes.

Olivia said...

My fave is the palm tree and campanile tower in Ravenna. Although the Venetian scene is also appealing.

Hope you have the opportunity to rest properly when you return from San Francisco.

Seamus said...

What a trip!!! Welcome home! :)

Casdok said...

What an awesome trip!! :)

whimsical brainpan said...

How lovely!

I like Venice the best.

snowelf said...

Hey! A palm tree!!
And now I want a balloon!! ;)


Desert Songbird said...

Ah, sites AND sounds. Lovely!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Your so called "cheesy little camera" worked BEAUTIFULLY, Rick...What a wonder to sit here on the Hill and get a "moving" Italy! Thanks for this, a whole lot! I emjoyed these Videos very very much.


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