Friday, May 15, 2009

Philatelic Friday: Cats on Stamps!

Welcome to another installment of my weekly Philatelic Friday series. This week's topic is Cats on Stamps! As many of you know, I have a Persian kitty named Owen who allows me to live in his home. I love to watch Owen in action. He stands guard, loves to hunt, perches like a hawk, and meows incessantly when something is on his mind. Owen is a very cuddly kitty; he frequently cuddles up in my lap, or sits on my laptop keyboard to help me blog. So it was an easy choice to feature cats as the topic for this week's post about stamps. This first feature above left is a series from Antigua & Barbuda. I thought these stamps were a fun way to kick off the post. For all you cat lovers out there, I hope you enjoy this week's post!
above: USA cat stamp
above: Thailand cat stamp

above: Comoro Island cat stamps
above: Krgyzstan cat stamp

above: Poland cat stamp

above: USA Cat in the Hat stamp

above: Finland cat stamp

above: Azerbaycan cat stamp
How was that for a nice international collection of cat stamps? Which one do you like best? C'mon, leave a message, it is FREE and EASY TOO!
-Rick Rockhill


Seamus said...

I had no idea there were cats on stamps! I've seen a few stamps on cat's paws before though! ;)


I gotta say the Thailand and Seuss were my favorites..although I probably spelled wrong...I liked the those the best.

Happy weekend!!

Welcome home. Glad you're back safe and had a good time!!! :)

Kathy said...

I love them all!
Over the past three years we've lost all but one of our cats. Murphy Black died at 12; Bernadette at 20; Jezebelle, 17. When I was grading papers and didn't pay Jessie enough attention, she would grab my pen out of my hand, or pick up the students' papers in her mouth and run off! Now we have only Azrielle -- a regal, black, half Siamese cat of about 11, who sits on the back of my leather chair, hangs her paws down on my shoulder and licks my face. Who says cats are stand-offish???

© Karelian Blonde said...

Hey, you got a Finnish stamp :)

They are all very nice and what a purrrfect post!

WAT said...

I love dogs! I like cats too I suppose. Yeah, kitty can be cute at times too.

kenju said...

I wish we had cat stamps!

Anonymous said...

Kitties! I love kitties! these are some funky cats.

Hoosier Girl said...

I like the Finland stamp the best, with "the cat in the hat" a close second.

Great, as usual.


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