Friday, May 8, 2009

Rick's Roadshow: Italy- Day 2: Bologna

Welcome to Day 2 of Rick's Roadshow: Bologna, Italy. Today I attended the Zoomark pet trade show (which I'll cover a bit more tomorrow) and also had some time to check out the sights around Bologna. First off, Bologna is a very young city. Approximately a third are college age students, giving this thriving metropolis a vibe and energy all its own. It is an interesting contrast between the ancient structures and history as a backdrop for the lives of the young who make this city jump to action. It is quite different from Rome, Florence, Milan or Venice. It is has a big city feel with lots to do, yet retains much of its character and history from centuries ago. While not primarily known as a tourist destination compared to other Italian cities, Bologna offers plenty for the curious visitor. Take this wonderful statue for instance. Here a King Neptune-esque figure stands proudly in the piazza. But take a closer look below...

above: the water is spouting from the breasts of the mermaids. Quite amusing in fact.
above: we took the train to Bologna from Rome, aboard the Trenitalia Eurostar. It was wonderful rail service, with reclining seats, private window shades and a rather nice dining car.

above: plenty of ancient architecture remains throughout...

above: this is one of the original city gate/monuments, there used to be 180 different such structures surrounding the city.

above: The streets of Bologna have 45 kilometers of these wonderful portiticos (promenades), covered to shield pedestrians from the elements and provide a marketplace atmosphere.
above: a great example of the vendors within the promenades. I love fresh flower markets.

above: no idea what this is, but I liked it.

above: cute restaurants can be found on side streets, neatly tucked away from the busy main streets.

above: this was interesting. Everywhere I looked, I saw windows with these types of shades on the exterior. s a side note, check out the cool statues lining each window!
Well that's all for today's installment of Rick's Roadshow. Tomorrow I'll be back with more exciting photos from Bologna. Thanks for stopping by!
-Signore Ricardo Rockhill


grace said...

I'm in love with it!! :)

Seamus said...

What a charming city!

© Karelian Blonde said...

Buon giorno signore Rockhill! Looks really nice and thank you for posting :)

kenju said...

Now I'm REALLY sorry we didn't get to stop there instead of just taking the train through the city! And to top it off, mr. kenju knows an esteemed pipe carver who lives there - Alberto Bonfiglioli. Look him up if you like carved smoking pipes.

Kathy said...

We're not able to go to Italy this year -- thanks for the tour!!

Odat said...

I'm jealous!!! What a lovely city? (Does your bologna have a first name? hehe)


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