Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Saturday Seven: Most Popular Topics on This Blog

For me, blogging is a creative outlet. It is a hobby and a pleasant distraction that I primarily maintain for myself. I readily admit that it has morphed into a site that promotes Palm Springs by highlighting the many attractions and goings-on in our fair city, but still it remains just a hobby for me. I've endured my share of detractors-mainly limited to a few people who think I am completely self-absorbed because I write about myself. I think they are just jealous or insecure about themselves. But I digress. Anyway despite the fact that I maintain this blog for myself, I have enjoyed using Google Analytics to study traffic and visitors to my blog. It is a handy tool and quite interesting as well. I thought it might make for an amusing topic for my weekly Saturday Seven Series today to list the most popular, traffic driving topics on my blog. Some may surprise you. So here goes. I am pleased to present another scintillating edition of The Saturday Seven: Most Popular Topics On This Blog:

#1 "Priscilla Presley and Elvis in Palm Springs" continues to be the number 1 most popular topic that brings people to my blog.

#2 Celebrities and the Palm Springs Film Festival are a major attraction.

#3 Surprising as it may seem, the topic of Ascots, or Cravats is the third most popular topic that brings visitors! To this day I continue to receive e-mails from enthusiastic men who want to learn more about wearing ascots. Who knew!

#4 I've blogged about Cesar Millan numerous times, which continue to attract visitors to the site

#5 My recent Provocative Ads post has really been popular in a very short time

#6 Restaurant Reviews in Palm Springs, including this one for Tropicale

#7 Embarrassing Moments Post
Which of these were your favorite? Or do you have a different topic you enjoy reading about on this blog? Go ahead, leave a comment, it's totally FREE and FUN!
-Rick Rockhill


Jennifer said...

I love hearing about your furry kids - especially Sheldon's antics! The travel posts are great too - of course that's because it helps me keep up with my mom! Even though those are my favorites, I think all your posts are fun!

grace said...

I enjoy the way you write, I find your blog a delight to visit. Not self absorbed or anything like that.(I need to thank Si, Wilkonews, for finding you)
Of course I enjoy dog talk the most! :)
But I have never read a post here I didn't like!!

Jeni said...

Now, I think you are wrong when you say you think people perceive your blog as being just you, writing about yourself. Cause you know, everyone of us who has a blog, in some way or another, we all are writing about ourselves. It may be directly when we say I did this or said that and it may be indirectly as we write about things in our surroundings and the impact it had on each of us as well as others but not necessarily in a "me first" type writing style. You write much more about events, about others, about pets, art and many more things and only a little of that is how it affects you personally, other than the "I like or love this" type of reaction. Don't sell your short -it is your blog but I don't see anything the least bit selfish about what you post here, as it is a wonderful tour you give us of your surroundings. Don't change it one little old iota!

kenju said...

I enjoy your art posts, as well as your travel photos.

W.O.T.E. said...

What a neat tool! Thanks for sharing that. I like your blog because although we are apart I have a little window into your world and interests and get to see what you are up to whenever I stop by - it's always interesting and entertaining!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that google offered the analytical tool. what does it cost?

Anonymous said...

Your blog is refreshing and interesting. It’s your prospective on your surroundings as well things you find intriguing. Your life and the circles you travel in are not obtainable to many, but you give us an enjoyable insight to many things. Thank you.

Cheryl said...

I've never tried Google Analytics. Hmmm. I love to hear about the fabulous homes you visit, the restaurants, your travel, Palm Springs life. Hmmm. Just about everything, I guess.

Diane J Standiford said...

I love the variety.


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