Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Musical Profusion & Confusion: Sinatra to Lady Gaga

Lately I’ve been swept up in the world of popular music. I’m referring to a broad swath of music genres typically favored by the youth of America. On the surface it is hardly blogworthy, except that for the past ten years the majority of my interest in music has been exclusively limited to standards, smooth jazz, and a little 80’s stuff. So why the sudden interest in this new fangled popular sound? I jokingly refer to electronica as "that electrical music"; its all part of my move to render all that current sound as irrelevant, citing the Rat Pack era as real music. I still prefer a martini with Frank Sinatra crooning in the background, yet I find myself interested in the likes of Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, T.I. and Rihanna. I am even excited about Paula Abdul’s new single "I’m Just Here For the Music", it has a great energy and is reassuring to hear an 80’s pop queen re-emerge to a new generation.
My sudden shift in music taste had me completely foxed. What was it that triggered this musical flirtation? Like a research scientist, I methodically dissected these past few months and believe I’ve identified the origin of this seemingly out-of-character musical deviance.
It was something I caught while at an uber hip and trendy club in Hollywood a few months ago. It was a night that I went to dinner at one of the hottest spots in Hollywood called "One Sunset", and had no idea what was in store. One Sunset is the sort of place where the beautiful people go. For many patrons. the notion of eating is viewed a necessary component of going out for the evening. You see, these are girls wearing size zero dresses, and guys in really nice fitting jeans. They are so busy flirting with each other, giggling and sipping cocktails that the food course seems like an interruption. Nevertheless, it is part of the evening; I watched several tables as the girls picked at their tiny food and claimed to be full. I wolfed down everything, including a side order of some gourmet mac-n-cheese that I am sure I paid too much for. Eventually the restaurant converted over to a night club, while scores of hot girls utilized every open space to dance and sip cocktails; while the guys plotted their moves.
Watching this scene unfold, I recalled my years as a youngster living in NY when I would go out to clubs with friends. Just then, there. Right there, that was it. It hit me…the thumping music. I was mesmerized by the music and how it affected my mood. It made me feel great. I don’t miss going to clubs and dealing with all that chaos. It was just the music that I missed. I had forgotten how pop/dance music made me feel. It was an awakening. That evening I stayed out way too late, and was so exhausted the next day, but it was worth it.
Ever since, I’ve found myself re-connecting with all this new-fangled music.. With all the time I spend driving between Palm Springs and San Diego I now find myself scanning the pop channels on the satellite radio. I’ve been satisfying my thirst to stay a little more current with music. This brings me back to Lady Gaga. She has exploded onto the pop music scene and is everywhere I look. A few weeks ago she was the featured act at two back-to-back weekend dance concerts in Palm Springs. I’ve even added her to my iPod. So it’s official: I am a Lady Gaga fan. I think I need to get to know her. She might be interested to know she is attracting a broad fan base, not just young people, but even an ascot-wearing, martini-sipping desert rat from Palm Springs.

-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

I think it is natural that your interests shift some.

Desert Songbird said...

I still don't listen to much new stuff, unless it's new music from established musicians. I tend to listen to First Wave on satellite radio.

snowelf said...

I listen to all kinds of music and at first I wasn't really into Lady Gaga, as mostly I like alternative the best, but then I saw her, and I really liked her performance, because she was very entertaining. I'm still not a fan of "just dance", but I love Poker Face. I've always loved Black Eyed Peas though and Paula, to me, is classic. I just adore her.


grace said...

I listen to lots of everything. I have a very broad range of taste. I enjoy Lady Ga Ga. I really like the new B E P song, boom boom pow! Paula rocked AI. But I do enjoy the rat pack era too. I love music. I have my new favs, old standards, keep the music comin! good post.

© Karelian Blonde said...

She has failed to impress me musically but I am most impressed with her PR staff.

But, like the saying goes:

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

How fun for you to re-discover that side of yourself and to add some new "sounds" to your cannon....! Lady Gaga, indeed!


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