Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Aegean Sea Cruise: Departure from Rome

Welcome to The Aegean Sea Cruise: Departure from Rome. After several marvelous days in Rome, we reached our sail away day to begin the fabulous Aegean Sea Cruise. We have an exciting itinerary: Naples, Capri, then onto various ports in Greece, Turkey, Egypt and then back to Rome again. I’ll leave the exact details until they happen.

We spent yesterday enjoying the day in Rome, savoring the time at our hotel, which really was fantastic on every level. (see patio breakfast photo at left). We had a car drive us through the countryside to enjoy the view along to the coast, to Citivecchia, the port of departure for our cruise. Since we are now frequent cruisers, we had “preferred boarding” so we were able to board quickly and with no delays. After unpacking our bags and settling in, we decided to enjoy the ship right away.
First up was a lovely reception with a cheese tasting table, which was a perfect compliment to the champagne.

The sail away party was fairly low key, in that Citivecchia isn’t much of a port.  So we went to the Wheelhouse Lounge to partake in a pre-dinner beverage (see photo below). 

All in all, a nice relaxing start to the big cruise. Today we’re in Capri, and the weather is supposed to be perfect. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you can follow along as the daily cruise blog begins.
-Ricardo Rockhillo


Rhodester said...

"First up was a lovely reception with a cheese tasting table.."

A table that tastes like cheese? Do you just lick it or do they let you eat parts of it, like a whole leg and stuff.

You DO live a high-falutin' life, Rick. We can't afford to eat our table, we need it to put things on.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

please have a canoli in naples for sarge!!!

smiles, bee

KathyA said...

On which line are you cruising?
We cruised out of Barcelona to Sicily, Sorrento/Naples/Capri, Rome, Pisa, and then Nice. It's a wonderful way to travel!! Enjoy yourselves.

kenju said...

You've got nerve!! Next time, take me along.

grace said...

looks fabulous.
I think we need a blogger cruise!
I shall enjoy reading your posts as you cruise along the seas, with all those delish treats. xo

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That Ship looks BEAUTIFUL! And so does yout Breakfast table in Rome....You live a GOOD Life Rick--Balancing working very very hard with these wonderful times of respite...It sure is important to refresh oneself, isn't it?


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