Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Aegean Sea Cruise: Mykonos, Greece

Ah Mykonos at last! I’d been looking forward to visiting Mykonos for many years. Last year’s trip to the Mediterranean included just one stop in Greece- Corfu which was lovely, but the least typical of the Greek islands. Without a doubt, Mykonos is a jewel in the Aegean Sea. When you first see the coastline of Mykonos, you can’t help but be affected by its breathtakingly beauty. The stark visual contrasts are burned in my mind’s eye. Crisp square-shaped white houses with blue accents on doors and shutters, rocky terrain set in the middle of sapphire-blue waters of the Aegean. A relatively small island, Mykonos offers plenty for everyone. Winding alleys with charming white painted walkways, cafes, and hundreds of little shops with everything from souvenirs, clothing, home décor and jewelry as far as you can see. Nearby Delos is an uninhabited island with ruins around the Greek god Apollo. Delos is a national museum as has fascinating insights to ancient Greek history.
The locals and tourists alike are happy relaxing on the beach, boating or just enjoying the fresh and delicious food- eating is a social activity here, and with good reason. We stopped for lunch at one of the many cafes along the main waterfront area and feasted on a delicious Greek salad, some zucchini meatballs, Arabic pie (cheese, tomato and basil) and something they called Pasticia (it was like lasagne with pasta, Bolognese and béchamel sauce. We washed it all down with a cold Mythos beer, just to keep things completely authentic Greek.
I took a bunch of photos while in Mykonos. In the interests of not usingup too much internet access time I'll just lump them all below. You'll get a good idea of how wonderful it is here. First, here are photos of lunch:

Look how charming this kitty is in the blue window:

above: cafe's line the streets and waterfront

above: we saw pelicans just walking around the streets and ont waterfront as if they were tourists

above: I just liked the look of this old Greek man sitting here

We were utterly taken with Mykonos; it is the sort of place where you can lose yourself in the abundant sunshine and be mesmerized by the gentle waters. I’m ready to pack up the poodles and cat and move here. Today we’re at sea, sailing to Egypt, so stay tuned…
-Rick Rockhill


KathyA said...

My bags are packed!!! What a phenomenal place, Rick! The blue skies and white buildings couldn't be more beautiful.

KathyA said...

Just shared these with the Big Guy. Mykenos is now on our list!

PS We love pasticcio!

KathyA said...

Had to come back for a THIRD time to see your photos! BTW, what is the bread/pizza-looking dish?

Anonymous said...


Mags said...

Oh Rick-these photos are breathtaking! The ones you have chosen for us showcase the exact reason I have always wanted to go to Greece...and now I know exactly where my destination will be...one day...when I go. :)

Jeni said...

As always Rick -interesting post, good storyline and beautiful photos. The color of the water in these photos is what really grabbed me the most tonight. Just such a gorgeous shade. Okay now -take me to Egypt!

Diane J Standiford said...

I'd frame that Greek Guy.

Desert Songbird said...

Yup, this is what one envisions when one hears "Greek Isles."

Stunning water. Wow.

grace said...

I missed this post. It is so beautiful. Love the pic of the kitty in the window and you staring out at that gorgeous sea.


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