Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ripped from the Headlines: Palm Springs is Hot and Cool...

Two interesting articles appeared on today's Desert Sun website.The first is a little mention about how our friend Martha Stewart loves Palm Springs, so we're hot! The second is "news" that our weather is finally starting to cool. Yup, that's news here in the desert. So we're hot and cool at the same time, it would seem. 
We're Hot: 
"Palm Springs just got hotter — under the national spotlight." 
"The desert community is prominently featured in the October issues of Martha Stewart Living and Sunset magazines, and was the topic of Tuesday's episode of “The Martha Stewart Show.”

The episode focused on Stewart's recent weekend visit to Palm Springs, where she was inspired by the city's style, decor and more. Segments included creating a cactus garden, desert fashion from designer Trina Turk and furniture with antiques expert Alan Moss.
Stewart also toured the Kaufmann house, Frey House II and the Elrod house, in addition to taking a trek through Joshua Tree National Park.

Turk, a Palm Springs resident, also makes an appearance in one of two features about the community in Sunset magazine. She serves as a tour guide, taking readers to The Ace Hotel & Swim Club's spa, Koffi, Norma's, Modernway and other sites.

In the other feature, about architectural design, Palm Springs is listed as No. 7 among top design cities. Some of the city's most prominent Mid-century modern architects and landmarks are mentioned."

We're Cool:

Coachella Valley temperatures will dip into double digits today and will remain in the mid-90s to upper 90s at least through Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. According to Accuweather, the triple digits are over for at least the next two weeks, with high temperatures ranging from 90 to 98 degrees.

"According to the National Weather Service, the valley will only get a short reprieve. The valley should soon begin seeing consistently cooler temperatures. Overnight lows are expected to drop into the 50s."

So it IS possible to be Hot and Cool at the same time!
-Rick Rockhill


grace said...

'double digits' you guys must be bringing out your winter coats! lol

kenju said...

It was 88* here today; summer has returned - and still - we are cooler than you! LOL (in temps only)

Anonymous said...

wow... that's cool!

KathyA said...

So what are your winter temps like?

Desert Songbird said...

Our weather has been fabulous this week. The nights and mornings are cool, cool, cool!


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