Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Power of Palm Trees

In my view, there are few things that send a clear message to me about relaxation. For example, visualize a hammock. It conjures up images of a nice long comfy snooze on a warm summer day, right? Maybe add a novel in hand, or swinging in the hammock with a Klondike ice cream bar perhaps? But never-the-less, a hammock represents RELAXATION to me. What else is there...well how about a fireplace? For some reason a fireplace mesmerizes me. Something about the gentle flames dancing around merrily that puts me at ease. But above all, the most potent sight for relaxation to me are palm trees. I think it goes back to the first time I saw them in person. It was an early family vacation to the Bahamas. It was magical. The trees were so majestic, swaying in the breeze, tall and proud. Ever since then, whenever I see palm trees I feel relaxed.
Fortunately for me I live in a place where palm trees are everywhere. (perhaps that is one reason why I do love it here). Palm trees greet you at the entrance to the city. They line our streets. Rows of them line my own property at home. I do find them soothing to the eyes.

Just the other day I was in Venice, CA (LA area) and snapped this photo of the palm trees right on the beach boardwalk. This photo was taken right around dusk, looking north. The trees look so cool against the sky, don't they?

Then last night I took this photo while at a party downtown. My camera is not very good, which is why the image is so blurry. (I'm sure the wine had nothing to do with it). Anyway I digress. These trees were quite tall, but I was staring up at them and found them so elegant. And so I present the Power of Palm Trees- to me anyway. The fact that a plant could affect me is such a manner seems unlikely. Although as I think about it, plants do affect people; I suppose that's why there is a demand for fresh flowers, they change moods and make people happy. So whether or not you can get to Palm Springs to enjoy our myriad of palm trees, (or some other warm climate), I hope you enjoy this quick pictorial view of our palm trees here in Southern California. Thanks for stopping by today.
-Rick Rockhill


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh rick, i love palm trees too!

smiles, bee

kenju said...

I love tall palm trees and seeing them sway in the breeze, but they're no good for shade.

A Lewis said...

Hey now, I saw one lonely palm tree all by itself along the Columbia River here the other night. It looked horribly out of place. And I can think of three other small groupings of them in the city.

KathyA said...

You are sooo right about plants affecting our lives. I agree with you too, about palms suggesting relaxation -- balmy breezes/tropical beaches (heavy sigh!).

grace said...

you are so right about Palm trees.
I love these pictures, especially the sundown in Venice.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I was eleven the first time I saw a palm tree. I was so excited. They are great against the sky, so graphic.

WAT said...

There is a slight, SLIGHT chance I may go to Palm Spring this weekend! Not sure yet, but I'll let u know or something!


Cheryl said...

I love palm trees. I'm excited when I see the first one when I travel down south. There is something special about them. So exotic for us in the northeast and so commonplace for you.


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