Sunday, January 24, 2010

Five Feet of Fresh Snow in Palm Springs

With all the crazy rains that pummeled Southern California last week, Palm Springs definitely had its share. We hardly ever get any rain 'tall, but I do believe we received more rain in five days than we typically do in a year. Well anyway it was a lot. One nice outcome was the snowfall on the lovely mountains that frame our Coachella Valley. This view at the top left is the San Jacinto Mountain, just over 10,000 feet elevation. They received five feet of fresh snow during last week's storms. The photo doesn't do it justice, as I have an el-cheapo camera so my sincerest apologies.

above: here is a view of the other mountains, called "San Bernadino" where the highest peak is 11,500 feet.

above: I don't think this photo above did what I intended. Its sort of a pan-o-ramic view of the San Bernadino mountains. I intended to show you how they go on and on... Its part of why I love living here in our desert. Click on it to biggify.

The Palm Springs Aerial Tram
The following photos from here on are from The Desert Sun website. This first one is of the tram car at the Palm Springs Aerial Tram. It goes up to the peak of the San Jacinto mountain. It is the largest rotating tram car in the world, and offers the best views of Palm Springs. You can see how stormy it was here in this photo. I wish I had been able to go up for a tram ride during the storm!

above: fresh snow at San Jacinto Park, (top of mountain). So beautiful- who would have thought this was Palm Springs?

above: a veritable Winter Wonderland. Dean Martin would have burst into song, what was it, "Marshmallow World" I believe?

above: one final view of the snow at San Jacinto Park at the top of the tram. See, Palm Springs has plenty to offer. Incidentally, back down on the floor of the desert where I live, it will be 65 degrees today. Hope you enjoyed these photos of our natural beauty here in Palm Springs. Come for a visit, its fantastic.
-Rick Rockhill


Diane J Standiford said...

I jumped over here from Twitt when I read all the snow---what is UP (or down) with CA this year? My cousins from San Diego grew up never seeing a snow flake.

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful, Rick. Also like your new photo in the top-left corner... a classic pose...

Palm Springs Savant said...

Lois- thanks, a friend took that when I wasn't aware. All my other photos have the same "smile" so I liked that that one mixed it up a bit!

snowelf said...

Oh someday...someday I am coming to vacation in Palm Springs.


KathyA said...

El cheapo camera or not, these are wonderful. I can't wait to visit Palm Springs!

Desert Songbird said...

We got HAMMERED with rain, and our high country has been socked in with all the snow. I love when the mountains around the Valley are snow covered. Thanks for sharing your photos!

grace said...

snow in palm springs....beautiful even more so.

Cheryl said...

I rode your tram once. I was terrified, but what a view! Palm Springs is fantastic, as you well know.

Odat said...

Sorry for all your rain ..
but I'd love to see the sites out that a way..some day.

Kanani said...

Gorgeous! I can see the mountains from my house too!


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