Friday, June 4, 2010

A Few Words About This Blog...and on Being Happy

This original post has been edited.
You may have noticed that over the past few months the frequency of my blog posts has diminished like a stone dropping from a cliff. Actually I'm not sure that is the correct analogy but you get the idea. I recently started wondering why it was the case. I'm not any busier than I was a few months ago. In fact I think I have a bit more free time these days. So I started looking back over my posts to search for clues. And then I realized that it all changed when I switched jobs. Now here is the really interesting part, but settle in with a nice cup of coffee, as this may take some 'splaining.

From the moment I began working for my employer I knew I'd made the right choice. We're a dynamic company with lots of fun and exciting things in the works. Plenty of fulfilling challenges with a broad scope of responsibility in two divisions. Every day I go home with a sense of accomplishment from tangible results of my team's efforts.
The cool factor of heading up the international division really gets my juices flowing, too. I'm home at a reasonable hour and my weekends are generally free from stress. Yes, it has been an excellent decision.

Close friends continue to tell me they have never seen me so happy and relaxed- and I agree. I had forgotten what it was like not to not be so stressed. So why then with all my new free time, less stress and general overall bliss have I been blogging less?

Well I realized that my blogging has always been a creative outlet. Not to suggest that this is a highly creative work of art or anything, it's just a vehicle to channel pent up energy and ideas. Ah....I'm getting somewhere in the detective work.

My career is so stimulating and fulfilling that I have had less of a need to find an alternative outlet to find satisfaction. These days I feel satisfied and enjoy life again. Yes, that was it, I was entirely bored and tired before, only I never realized it. I was going through the motions, like a robot. I was also tired of fighting with a certain nitwit bully individual whose destructive behavior some seemed to tolerate and find acceptable. It was far too much negative karma from that individual than was worth being exposed to on a daily basis. His behavior caused a toxic environment actually. A year ago I knew I had enough- yet ever the diplomat I kept it all inside and repeatedly tried to press on with a smile.
Looking back I now realize that the toxicity from that individual was more than it was worth.

Throughout the past five years, the coping mechanism I had was writing this blog as my outlet. Never to vent about work (although I did once in a post on September 23, 2009), but rather to find some lighthearted fun, and create things. About a year before I left I recognized in myself that I was no longer giving it my best effort, I knew I had to do something. Despite all that negative energy I enjoyed a fabulously successful career at a generally great company with mostly good people. I had been well taken care of, valued and rewarded along the way. When I left I walked away from some substantial potential financial upside.

Once gone, I quickly realized it was all worth the change in my life. That one low-life, idiot bully I mentioned suddenly became irrelevant! In fact I was amazed at how my mood immediately improved and the dark cloud was gone. All those years I had turned to my blogging to find peace, solitude and to escape...

These days I feel happy and sufficiently stimulated. I do plan to continue blogging, as it is important to me. I'm not taking a break, it has been a journey for me as I re-charged my batteries and started a new life with my new career.

My words of advice to anyone in a similar situation is to remember that life is short. Our time on this planet goes far too quickly. Should you find yourself in a situation that makes you exceedingly unhappy, do something about it. Don't just accept it. I'm not saying give up or quit when the going gets tough, but I am saying to realize that we should all be masters of our own destinies. Set the course you want and remove negativity from your life. Some other day I'll wax philosophic and expand more on this, but you get the concept.

Have a great weekend, I know I will.
-Rick Rockhill

: this original post has been edited. I deleted several of my remarks that were misconstrued as disparaging an organization. This is mainly about my personal life lessons learned about the perils of having regular interaction with someone lacking morals, common decency and unwilling to respect peers. For more remarks, re-read this link.


kenju said...

Good post, Rick. It's a good thing to take stock now and then, and if you realize that your job (or any other aspect of your life) is bringing stress - do what you can to get rid of it.

I hope that your lack of stress now won't mean that you quit blogging.

KathyA said...

I've been wondering where you've been, Rick. It's good to learn that you're thriving.
Bullying occurs in all stages of life -- and it, like any other pathology, exists because it is tolerated. Good for you for walking away.
PS We're getting closer to opening that office in San Diego!

Diane J Standiford said...

ENJOY! Bye-bye

Rhodester said...

Your best post yet, Rickster.

We recently visited one of your former employer's stores to pick up some kitty-litter and cat food. We were about 22 cents short of cash, so the VERY nice girl at the register rerung it using her employee discount which brought us down to the cash we had on hand and we even got change back, which I put in some kind of charity jar on the counter.

It'd be nice if everyone in retail was like that - from a girl working the register up to corporate nitwits - she was so awesome we'll be returning to that store even though there are other outlets around here.

I've run across plenty of people as you've described and avoid them like the plague. I don't put up with them for one second these days. Good for you for taking a walk.

Cheryl said...

Great, insightful post Rick. We need to strive to be happy. You took the leap and look where you're at. I'm so thankful to be working at a place that I love with people I care about. I know I'm appreciated and valued. I'm lucky.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Friends- I'm still planning to maintain the blog, just now for different reasons! See you soon

Desert Songbird said...

I think an individual's personal blog evolves as the life and preferences of that individual changes. You blog for whatever reasons you wish; we'll keep reading. :)

BTW, we just returned from a last-minute, quick trip to Coronado. I didn't have time to tell you about it beforehand, and I'm not sure how often you get over to SD these days. One of these days maybe we'll be fortunate enough to meet. :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

makes perfect sense to me rick. and good insight too. best wishes my friend.

smiles, bee

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Very interesting Rick. It is amazing how one's enegy and enthusiam AND Creativity can be drained by even ONE indidual so that it colors the entire experience of "work". I'm so happy for you, my dear, and so happy that you will continue blogging.....!

grace said...

when I read the title, I thought for a minute....I am glad you will continue to blog! :)
Very interesting to read this post. I am happy for you in your new found happy days!!


lime said...

so glad to hear your new job is so fulfilling and such a great fit for you. being in a bad environment is so soul draining. i know what you mean about that and needing an outlet as a result. i too have made a switch and i am so grateful for it...but i miss the time i used to have blogging ;)

Lena said...

Great advice. It is nice to know that a change in a job can make all the difference for someone's overall well being.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found your groove!

I'm four years into my retirement this week and don't miss the PowerPoint junk one bit, either! :-D)

When you have a passion and love what you do, life is great... Hugs!

Sharon said...

I'm very glad you've decided to continue blogging, because I think you're really good at it. While you're not obligated to share anything with us, I for one am pleased when you do find the time to relate what's happening in your life. Hey, it's your fault for being so likable! I'm also glad that you're found the right job, one that gives you a sense of happiness and fulfillment. That's a rare thing indeed.

MeMe said...

Wow, I was wondering what was going on. Looking at your blog was the bright side of my day. What you said in this blog really came home for me. I'm dealing with a simular situation. I think this weekend I'm going to have to plan out my next steps.

Sheila said...

It's good to hear the reasons behind less frequent posts. I understand. Same here with my interest in blogging. Except, I am acting on your advice, which is spot on. Not much time at present.


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