Monday, June 14, 2010

Mystery Cruise, Some Clues...

The Mystery Cruise continues with plenty of fun in the sun along the way. Yesterday was an interesting day, I did an activity on land that surprised me, and might surprise a few of you as well, once I tell the story. I decided to save that one until tomorrow as it could give away too much early on! Let's just say my arms are all sun-burned and they sting. Earlier today I attended a wedding on the beach, which was the main reason for this trip. I paused for this photo (top left), which is why I'm fully clothed despite being inches from the surf. The wedding ceremony was about to commence, but I sneaked away for this picture.

above: it has been fun taking photos and selecting ones that won't give up the location of where I am YET. This next clue is a very pretty private residence with beautiful flowers and palm trees everywhere on the grounds.

above: The next clue is one of the many stunning views of the ocean...the crystal clear waters have such beautiful colors of blue and green.

above: this next clue could provide insights to the observant few. Look closely and see if it gives a hint... Thanks for stopping by today. Tomorrow I may add a photo of the wedding..and a few more photo clues.
-Rick Rockhill


KathyA said...

Weddings beach-side are always beautiful!

kenju said...

No clue here, but I'll guess Baja California? Mexico? Costa Rica?

Mags said...

I do not know where you are, but holy cow is it beautiful! I want to jump right into the computer and into that water!!


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