Monday, July 4, 2011

Angels vs Dodgers Legends & Celebrity Benefit for ALS

Yesterday I had the pleasure of volunteering to support an event to benefit the Local ALS Chapter, which works tirelessly to provide support to people with Lou Gehrig's Disease. If you are not familiar with ALS, its one of the bad ones to be diagnosed with, but fortunately there are great organizations like the Golden West Chapter.
Yesterday's event was a softball game at Angels stadium between former Angels and Dodgers, legends of baseball and celebrities of TV and film as well. My company, Natural Balance helped organize the event and was on site to help add some fun the day. Our tents were set up giving out free samples and some really cool reusable tote bags to everyone attending the game that day. Angel Stadium is a really great ball park. Its clean, well designed and has great seats too! Anyway, to add to the fun we brought along Tillman, the world famous skateboarding bulldog who arrived in his rock-star style tour bus. He hopped on his skateboard and did his stuff along the main entrance of Angel stadium to cheers and applause of the crowd.

posters asked people to watch the ALS benefit

There was a regularly scheduled Angels/Dodgers game at 5:00 pm, then the ALS benefit softball game followed immediately afterward. Last year's benefit was at Pepperdine University, which was a much smaller venue. This year it was great to be at an official MLB stadium with a huge crowd to watch.
soon it was time to go inside for the big game...

I helped put field banners up- It was awesome to be on the field

We put up sponsor banners for Natural Balance and PETCO

...Then Jose Canseco hit a few home runs

There were a lot of people who remained after the regular game to watch the ALS benefit softball game. During the game, team members and announcers asked people to TEXT 'FIGHTALS' to 25383 on their phones to donate $10. You can still do that if you want to help now. It will be much appreciated. Whether or not you personally know someone affected by ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease, the facts are staggering. According to their website, the mission of the Golden West Chapter is "To lead the fight to cure and treat ALS through global, cutting-edge research, and to empower people with Lou Gehrig's Disease and their families to live fuller lives by providing them with compassionate care and support".
If you would like to make a donation to support ALS research and patients, donate online here.


A Lewis said...

And just one guess as to whose father passed away from ALS:


Palm Springs Savant said...

Lewis- Wow I didn't remember that, thanks for letting me know. It is a great cause so I'm happy to play a small part in fundraising and awareness for ALS.

KathyA said...

We have a close friend who is battling ALS -- it is truly a horrid disease... They can't find a cure soon enough.


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