Thursday, February 9, 2012

Behind the Scenes with Eric Presnall

Eric Presnall appears in 'Who Let the Dogs Out'
Today is another installment in my 'Behind the Scenes' series about the characters in a new TV series. During the past year, I've had the privilege of working with most of the actors in the new reality TV show 'Who Let the Dogs Out', which premieres on Animal Planet February 18th, 2012 (10 am/9am central).
When you first meet Eric Presnall, his sparkling blue eyes command attention. At just 22, Eric is a star-in-the-making in Hollywood. Playing himself on 'Who Let the Dogs Out' Eric is working as a personal assistant to the world famous celebrity bulldog Tillman. Eric was born September 26, 1989. He enjoys talking about growing up in El Dorado HIlls, California with his family. His interest in music was spurred by his father, a singer and musician, who  Eric loved to watch perform. When he was just eight years old, Eric gained an appreciation for performing arts, while on a family on a trip to San Francisco to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Orpheum Theatre, which was starring Brad Little (who remains Eric's favorite actor in Musical Theatre). The experience of live musical theatre was so exciting to Eric, he asked his parents to study voice and dance, and soon auditioned for several musicals along the way. His first audition was for Grease with the El Dorado Musical Theatre. To his surprise, he earned the lead role of Danny Zucko, which launched his career in performing arts. Most recently, Eric toured with the company of 'High School Musical' for Disney productions. In some ways, Eric reminds me of Zac Efron. Like Zac, Eric has a fresh, wholesome, youthful image yet with a classic young Hollywood leading man look. He walks with a natural swagger that can charm the birds out of trees.  Yep, he is sure to collect a whole lot of new fans!
Music is definitely one of Eric's passions
Eric has also been gaining experience working in front of the camera in film and most recently television. His film credits include 'Clown Town', 'PLAY', 'F.U.B.A.R', 'Anxiety', 'Hatched', and 'Mirror Man'. He was also recently just cast in Power and Pride, starring Stephen Baldwin, Eric Roberts, and Helen Slater. He will be playing Luke Fletcher, the son of Senator David Fletcher (Baldwin), set to commence filming this summer. "Who Let the Dogs Out' is Eric's television debut, which he already seems to be enjoying immensely.

Eric is charming and easy to talk to. He smiles easily and often, and has a knack for putting people at ease. Whether on set or waiting for the cameras to roll Eric is focused and professional. He believes that by hard-work, anything can be possible, and revolves his life around the quote, "To spend your time wisely, aim to have none of it free."
Eric Presnall with Tillman
Who Let the Dogs Out offers an interesting perspective of Eric Presnall. Since this is a reality show, he is encouraged to be himself and relax when the cameras are rolling. He adapts easily to scenes and virtually any environment. During the 2012 Rose Parade, Eric rode on the Natural Balance Pet Foods Float, working with Tillman and other celebrity dogs surfing on the float with a specially designed wave machine. Even veteran actor Dick Van Patten is impressed by Eric. I asked Mr Van Patten about Eric's performance on camera. Dick reports that Eric is a "real pro, always smiling and loves working with the dogs too." The dynamic on set between co-stars Ron Davis, Lexi Beermann, Karen Cobb and driver Steve Clark keeps Eric on his toes. He says that everyone gets along really well, but being all together on Tillman's tour bus can present some challenges. No matter what, Eric is enjoying being part of Who Let the Dogs Out. He loves working with the dogs, and is excited about the talent search for the most talented dog in America. 

Through a series of talent casting calls and reviewing video submissions online, Tillman and Friends--along with Eric will find the most talented dog in America, one way or another. For the moment, Eric has his hands full as Tillman's personal assistant. Eric Presnall is a bright new talent and one to watch closely. Look for Eric during the premiere episode of Who Let the Dogs Out on Animal Planet, Saturdays starting February 18th at 10 am/9am central.

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