Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Behind the Scenes with Ron Davis

Today is the second post in a series I'm presenting here about the cast of the upcoming reality show "Who Let the Dogs Out" on Animal Planet. Today is all about the show's lead person, Ron Davis, dad to the World Famous Bulldog Tillman.

I've known Ron now for several years-- well before I started working at Natural Balance Pet Foods, I got to know him while he would make public appearances with his amazing bulldog Tillman. Ron is a real-deal Southern California skater  and surfer dude; but despite his passion for extreme sports, his life revolves around his family and the ocean. You can tell he loves the ocean, his son's name is 'Reef', pretty cool huh? Ron was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA, and soon found his true passion in working with dogs. In 2008 Ron and his English bulldog Tillman, (certified by Guinness World Records as The World's Fastest Skateboarding Dog) were discovered and invited on the CBS reality show Greatest American Dog. Though they didn't win that competition, it helped Ron launch a career in dog training. As the lead trainer at Natural Balance Pet Foods, Ron heads up our world-famous team of action sports bulldogs to skateboard, snowboard and surf. 
Ron and his buddy Tillman
As you watch Who Let the Dogs Out on Animal Planet, you'll enjoy getting to know Ron Davis. He is a genuinely cool dude with some really awesome dogs. I love it when Ron comes to the Natural Balance office with his dogs. They roam around freely, exploring what's going on, saying hello to all of us and looking for snacks. Of course, each has their own personality but sometimes I swear I can see a bit of Ron in each of them.

I asked Ron how Tillman got into skateboarding, which is his own passion.  He explained that even when Tillman was still a young pup in the family, he showed interest in Ron's skateboard. He started chewing on the wheels, and getting excited whenever Ron would take the board out. "Tillman was initially inspired by my Rottweiler, Stoli, who lived for
that skateboard, but never able to put all four on the deck", he explained to me. One day Ron took a chance and showed Tillman how to skate. In no time at all, Tillman was able to hop on the board and take to the pavement at home to practice skating without help of his dad. Not surprisingly, Ron sees himself and Tillman along the lines of fraternity brothers who are inseparable.
Ron and Tillman being interviewed
After wondering why I can't my own two dogs to stop jumping on me all the time, I quizzed Ron about his training philosophy, particularly compared to some of the other trainers on Who Let the Dogs Out. Ron says quite simply: "the more you put into it the more you get out of it". Its obvious he knows what he is talking about. With his track record of skateboarding bulldogs, he carved out a true niche in dog training and is the envy of dogs everywhere. To this day I am fascinated by Ron. He and his dogs make media appearances all the time, appearing on programs such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS, FOX, ESPN, Fuel TV, and have performed in four Rose Parades, the 2010 Winter Olympics, as well as Major League Baseball events with The Mets, Dodgers, Rangers, Angels and Giants. 

In addition to his three dogs, Tillman, Rose and Sully he and his 12-year-old son Reef live in Oxnard, California where they enjoy surfing, skateboarding, tennis, volleyball. If you love extreme sports, skateboards, skim boards or surfing, you'll want to get to know Ron. He and Tillman practically ARE the show, so it won't be hard to follow Ron each week on Who Let the Dogs Out on Animal Planet.

PS: Click here to hear my radio interview with Ron Davis on BlogTalkRadio

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