Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finding Joy in Life

While driving to work this past week, I was struck by the view of the morning sky here in Palm Springs; so much so that I pulled over and stopped the car to admire the beauty of nature and take this photo with my iPhone. I consider myself truly blessed to live here in Palm Springs, nature presents itself in full glory every day. 

This sunrise turned out to be an inspiration for a presentation I was giving at a conference this past week. The topic was all around Stephen Covey's 'Circles of Influence' concept, where one can be Proactive or Reactive. The Reactive person allows things to 'happen' to them, affecting their view of everything. This person chooses to complain, or focus on what is negative or going wrong in their life. The Proactive person makes things happen, projecting their positive view on their own world. This person chooses to focus on the positive aspects of life, and chooses to have a positive attitude. Finding inspiration from our every day lives--like a beautiful sunrise, is all it takes to be a more Proactive minded person. Covey's writings teach us that a person's Circle of Influence can increase when you are Proactive minded. When you influence other people in a positive way it is remarkable what other positive things in the universe seem to come your way.

Think of the last time someone held open a door for you, or did something nice--completely at random. How did that affect you? Chances are it made you mile, or do something nice for someone else shortly thereafter. We all have the ability to great things during our all-too-brief lifetime on earth. I believe one of the big secrets people miss is that life is about being happy. Don't wait for happiness to come someday ("when I get ____, or find ____ or earn ____"). If you can find a glimmer of joy from something as simple as a morning sunrise, you can be happy everyday of your life. You only have to give yourself permission to do so.


Jeni said...

Very good words, Rick, on how to make and take the best out of life.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Thanks Jeni, I appreciate that!

grace said...

beautiful sunrise.

I really like this post Rick. It hit close to me, as I have been rather negative with life lately, things just don't seem to going smoothly, but Proactive is a much better approach, I m going to keep this post in the back of mind, and remember your positive words. Thanks.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Indeed! And speaking from experience--you can have both these things happening in you---Not at the same time, of!

Life is hard...and then it gets harder. But....A BEAUTIFUL Sunrise Lightsns The Load, so to speak....Or almost anything in Nature.
You live in a BEAUTIFUL place Rick....I've always LOVED Palm Springs...The Mountains---the way the Sun sets on the mountains---INSPIRING!!!

lime said...

what a gorgeous picture and what excellent thoughts to accompany it. thanks for the encouragement to better versions of ourselves.


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