Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amid the Chaos of Life

We can never stop this crazy world from spinning around. At times it can seem as though we are surrounded by chaos, don't you agree? The Secret is-- I've learned over the years is this: "Only if you allow it". Chaos in life is one of those things that happens to busy people. Work, families, neighbors, church, soccer practice, you name it. But none of these external influences need to be bigger that you. It is a matter of what you choose. I'm grateful to have learned this lesson somewhat early in life. Be choosy with what you allow to fill your mind. Don't let things 'happen' to you...even when they do, you decided how much it will affect you inside. This applies to virtually everything. Think about it. Even amid the chaos of life, one can find peace. It is always within your grasp.

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Jean said...

I wish people would realize that they have more choice than they think they do. There would be much happier folks around.


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