Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Today is Earth Day 2012...a day intended to get people thinking about the limited resources on our planet. I'm definitely an advocate for conservation. I do embrace the concepts of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. That is, try to reduce how much is consumed as often as possible. What items can be reused before throwing them out? You might be surprised at the number of things you can use a second or third time. My favorite example is any jars or cans from the kitchen. Once empty they can be used to store things, use for kitchen grease when cooking, etc. Recycling is much easier these days than it used to be even five years ago. Most local municipalities have regular recycle collection days. Here in Palm Springs we have a great program. Green waste (plants, trees, grass, etc) is collected on one day, and normal recycle stuff another day. 

I certainly don't claim to be the most green person on the block, but I do try to do my best. I think an important message of Earth Day is awareness of how much we consume. That small step can give one pause the next time you leave the faucet running on the sink, or leave all the lights on. Think about it.

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DaisyDeadhead said...

Happy Earth Day to you, Mr Rockhill, just a note to say hello and I always enjoy your tweets and blog (which I usually access via Blog Village!). Have a great day, and say ARF and MEOW to your wonderful animals.


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