Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Happy Passover to! And if you are not religious at all, I'll just say Happy Spring. Maybe that should be 'Happy Palm Springs', given where I live. I've been waiting for Easter to come with great anticipation. Colored Easter eggs, refreshed the candles around the house with festive spring-like colors, and dug out the pastel linens too. You'll notice in this photo above, Owen is inspecting the Easter eggs. He is a certified do-nothing supervisor.Then of course I picked up my usual Easter candies (cream-filled eggs, chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, jelly beans, and chocolate rabbits too).
Even the poodles got into the action. Duncan and Sheldon were checking out the vase of pink tulips and other goodies. We have more than enough colored eggs and festive stuff around the house. Sheldon has been carrying his "Mother Goose" stuffed plush toy around the house wherever he goes. I have to remind him to leave it inside when he runs out to go potty. These kids today, you have to stay on them all the time :-)
The weather in Palm Springs has been stunning of late. Perfectly warm days, followed by "gently-cool" evenings. In just a few short weeks the nice warm toasty weather will arrive--which suits me fine. But for today, I shall enjoy all the blessings of life and appreciate this moment for what it is..a gift.


Jean said...

Awwww.... thanks for posting this. I miss your posts about your handsome boys.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

a very happy easter rick. your boys look so cute!

smiles, bee

KathyA said...

Nice to hear from you, Rick. And nice to hear that the 'kids' are all well.

Also enjoying your new pics. If you see Evander Holyfield, tell him my brother, Jay Ariano, speaks highly of him. Jay was the only reporter Evander would speak to after the Tyson incident. My brother landed the helicopter on Holyfield's lawn! Blessings, Kathy

© Karelian Blonde said...

Happy spring time to Palm Springs!

Owen looks just adorable and efficient is his self appointed position. *LOL*


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