Saturday, July 21, 2012

Look at What I Ate Today in Japan

I'm in Japan at the moment on business. Today we ate lunch at an underwater restaurant. Yep you read that correctly, underwater as in '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'. This is the exterior of the place...once inside, you walk downstairs, below sea level surface to the underwater dining room. 
The dining room is traditional Japanese, although one very unusual aspect were the "windows" with ocean views underwater. While dining you can see fish swimming by happily. Apparently they are unaware they might be the next meal inside. I must say I was fascinated by the whole experience. But the really interesting part was when the main dish arrived....
Now, want to really see it better? Check out this video clip. Look closely at the red dots..they are moving and glowing. Yes, my lunch--the squid-- was still alive. Oh Dear Lord.


Jean(ie) said...

So... did you like it? My stepdaughters would have been all into that. They are very adventurous eaters. Me? not so much.

Enjoy your trip. I hope it's fruitful!

kenju said...

OMG, Rick, I could never eat that. The eyes looking up at the camera were eerie.


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