Friday, July 13, 2012

Treating My Pets to Something Really Delicious

I've always been very transparent to my readers that I work for Natural Balance. It is an important aspect of my life and I'm really proud to be part of one of the few truly family owned and operated pet food companies left. I'm especially proud of a new product line we've developed called Delectable Delights. It is a line of stews for dogs and cats made with natural ingredients, real fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. 
Bowl-o-Barkgundy Delectable Delights (pic from Nat Balance)

I also had the honor of working closely with the launch of this product line, and my pets were able to "taste test" every flavor as we developed them along the way. The dog Delectable Delights are in a recycle-able plastic tub with a handy lid to reseal it if you just use a small portion at a time. The cat Delectable Delights come in a very cool upside down can with a peel off tab for easy opening. 

Gobbler Cobbler Stew
Chop Lickin Stew
Check out the first few ingredients of the Gobbler Cobbler Stew: Turkey Broth, Dried Egg, Turkey, Duck, Chicken, Pumpkin, Green Beans.." or how about the Chop Lickin Stew formula: "Tuna Broth, Tuna, Lamb, Dried Egg, Brown Rice, Peas, Carrots..." Sounds great right? Well I can definitely tell you that Sheldon and Duncan LOVE our new Delectable Delights dog stews. They go crazy for them and lick the entire dish completely clean. The best part is knowing they are made with wholesome ingredients and are healthy. No junk in these formulas! 
Sheldon loves Delectable Delights
Duncan loves Delectable Delights too!

The Delectable Delights Cat Stews are really great too!
Owen loves Delectable Delights O'Fishally Scampi & Life's A Beach
Delectable Delights Catatouille stew flavor
So while I may be just a bit partial because I work for Natural Balance, my pets aren't. They will tell me what they like or don't like. Don't just take my word for it, look at these photos of them all enjoying every last bite. Maybe it is because they are actually hand-crafted in small batches, or maybe its the wholesome ingredients we use. Maybe it is the tasty gravy. Whatever the reason I can tell you that they love Delectable Delights stews. You can find them at any Petco stores and also online at
Cat Delectable Delights at

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Dog Toys said...

Really, really good list. I could never imagine leaving my cats and dog behind either, but I know how easily that could happen. Thanks for sharing and glad you are safe!


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