Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nice Dragons

Dragons have long held my fascination. While I've never considered myself much of a sci-fi geek, I generally am interested in any such creature, especially Gryffins. The mythological Dragons throughout the Orient are usually associated with wisdom and longevity. Often times they represent luck, and power with association to the Emperor. Dragons almost always possess some magic or supernatural powers as well. Oriental dragons have been misunderstood over the years; as unlike their European counterparts which are depicted as malevolent, dragons from Japan, China and Korea tend to be benevolent in nature. Dragons can be found nearly everywhere in the Orient, depicted in both ancient and modern cultures. I especially enjoy looking at similarities-- and differences of such throughout the centuries of art and architecture. One of these days I'll prepare a more comprehensive post of the hundreds of dragons I've photographed. Oh that sounds rather tedious now that I've written then. We'll see if I'm up for it...

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