Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hong Kong Starbucks Mug

For some inexplicable reason, seven years ago when when I turned 40, I woke up one morning and craved a cup of coffee. Prior to that, I disliked the taste of coffee and rarely consumed it. I fancied myself more of a tea drinker, and still drink tea daily. However, my appreciation for coffee came out of nowhere and all these years later I continue to have a cup of coffee every morning. I jumped on the Starbucks bandwagon, having submitted to the brainwashing signals they transmit from their world headquarters. I fully assimilated into the Starbucks world, resistance was futile.  

In addition to serving great drinks and food, Starbucks is indeed a clever retailer. They have perfect little gifts and things to enhance the Starbucks experience. I own three or four different Starbucks mugs, all of which are oversized and unique. Not long ago, they began featuring regional mugs in each major city. Since I tend to travel quite often, I would see these mugs and resisted the temptation, as I already have plenty of mugs at home, let alone several Starbucks mugs.

Having just returned from Hong Kong, I came back with a Starbucks mug. It was more than I could resist. Tomorrow I'll show you the other Starbucks mug I am I a sucker.

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Jean(ie) said...

Yup, coffee quietly lures you in and seeps into the cracks of daily life. The next thing you know you're hooked. Lol!


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