Friday, December 18, 2009

Book Release Party for Uncharted Waters, by Anthony Zolezzi

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a release party for "Uncharted Waters" a new book by one of my famous author friends, Anthony Zolezzi. Anthony is a respected entrepreneur who specializes in sustainable, eco-friendly and organic business endeavors. I've known Anthony for several years and never cease to be impressed by his creativity and commitment to the planet. He is a true innovator, whose personal life choices and business dealings continue to make contributions to the planet's health. Zolezzi has co-authored five books, and has been interviewed by major news networks over the years. A former Chairman for The Organic Center for Education and Promotion Anthony has truly helped shape the organic human products industry here in the US. Aside from his impressive career accomplishments, he is a really fun guy who I'm proud to consider a friend. The book release party was held at the beautiful La Valencia Hotel in scenic La Jolla, overlooking the grand Pacific Ocean. It was an appropriate spot for the party on several levels. Anthony grew up in San Diego, son of a fishing family. His book Uncharted Waters is about lessons he has learned from being a kid working on his father's boats, right on through his adult career working in boardrooms in both corporate and non-profit organizations. It is an inspirational read, with very real stories to which virtually anyone can relate. The book is packed with "fisherman's philosophies", great advice and messages to people who seek to chart their own course in business, whether in a large corporation or on your own. Chapters titled "Know that you're going to catch fish" and "The Albatross, a blessing in disguise" are aptly named. Uncharted Waters reads like the author is speaking to you personally, and is very credible. The official release isn't until March 2010, but you can see a preview on Amazon or at his website,

above: Anthony signs a copy of his book for me, while the fabulous Melissa McGinnis, of fame stands by.

above: the terrace was beautifully decorated...

above: The nautical/fisherman theme was carried throughout, this anchor ice sculpture was surrounded by a bed of lobster, crab and shrimp in the buffet. It was a fun evening filled with friends, family and food. I'm grateful to call Anthony a friend from whom I will continue to learn and grow. I'll follow the advice in his chapter entitled "Do something to change your luck" and do just that. Thanks, Anthony for giving us another great read.
-Rick Rockhill


KathyA said...

That is where we had lunch!! :) I'll have to check out the book. Thanks, Rick.

Anonymous said...

If you really think about it, fishing is like living with optimism. Fishermen don't go out saying they're not going to catch anything...

No...they bait the hook (prepare and plan), visualize success, and throw in the line, and catch something (success).

Makes sense to me...


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