Saturday, December 26, 2009

It Was A Very Merry Christmas

Another Christmas has come and gone; with a heap of fond memories and a list of things for which I am grateful. I often remind myself in life to savor the good times, appreciate all the little things and live in the moment. I consider myself especially fortunate to have learned some important life lessons earlier than most. Having lost my dad at a young age I learned to appreciate each day and take time to smell the roses. I was reminded of this again yesterday when I saw one of the floral Christmas centerpieces at my friend Amanda's home yesterday. It had roses, orchids, holly and evergreens. Indeed I did smell the roses, they were beautiful. But the roses were a life metaphor and caused me to pause for a moment and reflect on the year. I was at a Christmas day gathering, sitting outside admiring a beautiful vista of the desert floor below. Yet for a few moments I was alone with my thoughts, pondering the past twelve months and placing it all in perspective. I hadn't planned to be so introspective at this particular moment, maybe it was the rush of sugar from the eclairs I had consumed sending me into a blissful zen-like state. I smiled to myself as I realized how fortunate I am at this point in life. So I quietly gave thanks, especially for these deserts below:

above: Check out these incredible deserts. There were loads of others too, but these caught my eye the moment I walked into my friend Amanda and Gordan's home!

above: A few hummingbirds actually flew into the house earlier. One eventually made his way to the feeder hanging just outside the door. I managed to get this photo- they are so quick!

above: During a white elephant gift exchange I received a snuggie in leopard print. I have to say, it is really pretty neat. I love things like this.

above: later we found young Duncan was all snuggled up asleep with his Christmas Penguin toy. It was such a cute photo.
We did a bit of house-hopping, visiting friends on Christmas day, and then returned home for our own holiday dinner with friends. We sat by the fireplace and the Christmas tree, enjoying holiday music as we exchanged presents with our friends. I put out my spread of food so we could enjoy our wine. After dinner we watched Julie & Julia- which I enjoyed thoroughly! When our friends left to go home, and I sat by the fire with John to unwind, I decided it had been a very Merry Christmas.
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a perfect day!
That pic of Duncan is cute... all cuddled up with his toy... Oh, and your snuggie? I'm jealous. LOL!

A Lewis said...

Mason, too, was the recipient of five new toys....which he tossed in the air, chased, and chewed on all day long! Happy Day AFter!

Jeni said...

Your metabolism rate must work at warp speed to be able to eat even a quarter of all the yummy stuff you show us and not gain weight. Making me very envious, indeed! With the freezing rain yesterday (bone chilling, that was) and plain rain supposed to change to snow later today, I've missed my walks (a little over a mile, round trip) with the dog. (Not walking him that far in the rain as it could melt me like the wicked witch of the east, ya know) so even though I'm back on my rabbit food (mainly lettuce) diet, the walks really were helping me to bun some of the extra fat off and I want to get back to that work again, soon too!
Love the pics of your pups though -so darned cute!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like you had a very lovely Christmas in every way! Out and about and at Home, too....!
A very Happy Holiday to you Rick, and I hope 2010 and will be a stellar year, once again, for you and John, and the doggies, too!

Hoosier Girl said...

My daughter and I made so much fun of Snuggies that I gave her one for her birthday as a gag. And she loved it! Now we have 3. Enjoy!


Odat said...

Meant to get here sooner to wish you and yours a merry! Sounds like you had one...great!!
I love, love, love the leopard will go well with my leopard PJ bottoms I
Duncan is just sooooo cute!

Diane J Standiford said...

At first I thought Duncan was wearing a snuggle! hahahaha Sounds like a wonderful day!


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