Friday, December 11, 2009

Rick's Roadshow: Photos From Miami Beach

It's been awhile since I've had an installment of Rick's Roadshow, so during my recent business trip to Miami I managed to squeeze in a few photos in between my work obligations. I've always been an early riser, so in order to maximize my time in Miami Beach I went out for early morning walks on the beach. I brought my camera on the way to Starbucks so I could snap the odd photo here or there. So Voila! I present Rick's Roadshow: Photos from Miami Beach for my loyal blogger friends!
Many years ago, when I lived in Chicago, Miami was the place I would go in the winter months to escape the cold. Some close friends had a condo there, and they were kind enough to invite me quite regularly. I also brought my grandmother to Miami on vacation a few times and she loved South Beach as much as I did. So its a place that has lots of happy memories for me. In case you didn't know, Miami Beach is known for its fabulous Art Deco style buildings (see the first photo above left). Here are a few more photos that depict the style further:

above: don't you just love the curve of this building, and the round port-hole windows?

above: a corner on Espanola Way

above: the beginning of Lincoln Road pedestrian mall. If you look closely you'll see the vertical waterfall of glass to the left of the rectangular water pool.

above: On Lincoln Road, there are these fun water fountains with mid-century modern style designs.

above: Lincoln Road has more restaurants that you could possibly imagine. I love dining al fresco!

The View from My Hotel

above: Isn't this a killer view? I've always loved being in Miami Beach!

above: the pool at the hotel. Just beyond it, a few steps away is the beach and the Atlantic Ocean

above: the pool has these great private cabana tents...

above: the hotel has two towers. This is the one I stayed in, with a spa on the ground level. We had lunch on this grassy lawn one day.

above: The view from the beach, looking back in-land toward the hotel. The big tower on the right is the main structure of the Loew's, and the smaller one to its left is the same one in the photo above this one (with the grassy lawn).
It was great to be back in Miami Beach, I only wish I hadn't been there alone!
-Rick Rockhill


kenju said...

I've been there 2-3 times and I love all the art deco buildings! My favorite photo of mr. kenju was taken on Miami Beach, with the gorgeous aqua water in the background.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, as many time I have been in the area (and that is LOTS of times), I've never been to South Beach. I need to make it a point for our next visit.

© Karelian Blonde said...

Cuadros muy agradables Signor Rockhill :)

grace said...

never been to Miami, other parts of Fla. I have seen. I Was stationed in, well, outside of Pensacola actually. Miami is the pretty part of Florida!!!

KathyA said...

Alone is no fun!! As many times as we've been to Florida, we've never been to Miami Beach. Thanks for the tour!

WAT said...

If I were alone I'd find company quick in Miami.

Just saying.

Desert Songbird said...

It's not often that I miss living in FL, but your photos made me a bit wistful.

Hope you had a great Christmas!


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