Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Adventures of Sheldon: The Dog Food Roll Robber

I've been wondering how long it would be before I had some fresh material for another "Adventures" post. Then yesterday the day arrived, while at work. I present The Adventures of Sheldon: The Dog Food Roll Robber. It all started because Mr Sheldon has a slight ear infection, for which the vet prescribed an overpriced doggie-antibiotic. The dose instructions direct that the meds be given with food to avoid stomach upset. Both Sheldon and Duncan "free feed" so the notion of giving them a pill at mealtime just isn't practical. So to coerce Sheldon to eat some food at pill time, I decided to slice up one of our Natural Balance Dog Food rolls. Since my office is adjacent to our dog food roll plant, I grabbed one of our new secret test batch rolls! As Sheldon watched intently, I sliced a few pieces of the special roll, carefully inserted his antibiotic pill in one of the chunks and fed him his food rolls with the pill. Once he had gobbled it down, I decided to wash my hands, so I stepped out of my office for a moment, leaving the nearly full, newly sliced secret test batch dog food roll on my desk. When I returned, I to my office I noticed the secret test batch roll was missing from my desk. I was certain this was the handiwork of a dog food competitor who broke-in and stole our secret test batch dog food roll. Such sinister activity, I thought! I wondered if I should call the pet food police. I turned to ask the one witness who could provide a clue. I looked over to Mr Sheldon Gryffindor who was standing quite still. I asked him if he had seen anything. He gulped. I looked around, surveying the area. Finally I leaned over my desk and saw the evidence. Apparently the evil dog food competitor who had broken in to steal our secret test batch roll must have left in a hurry, as he dropped the roll on the floor during his speedy exit. Or at least that seemed to be the story Mr Sheldon was trying to lay on me. Hmmmm, I knew better. Although I wasn't away very long, apparently it was long enough for Mr Sheldon to stand up on his legs to reach the desk and help himself to the mostly-full dog secret test batch dog food roll I had left sitting on my desk.I surveyed the evidence more closely to be sure:

above: The gnaw marks in the secret test batch dog food roll had an amazing similarity to Mr Sheldon's poodle teeth. I leaned over to Sheldon and examined his doggie lips. They glistened with a few morsels of the meaty roll. I knew I had found the culprit: The Dog Food Roll Robber was Mr Sheldon himself. His eyes gazed up at me through his long black eyelashes, seemingly guilty. I gently scolded him but was privately thrilled that our new secret dog food roll was a hit with our official tester.
-Rick Rockhill


Jeni said...

Maybe Sheldon should be put on the payroll as the official dog food tester?

Mags said...

I love these posts-they make me smile. I am glad that Sheldon liked the new secret dog food roll!! That's a good sign.

Odat said...

CSI: Natural Balance!


Kanani said...

Ha ha ha ha! Love it! Dogs are so funny. FYI, last night I had a bowl of maple walnut granola on the counter. I'd run out of milk, and was preparing to go to the store. While I was across the room, I heard a crunching sound. The cat had his head in the bowl and was devouring the contents!

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like it's a hit... LOL! I love your adventure stories... just love em!

Desert Songbird said...

Well, but, but.....isn't that Sheldon just doing his job? After all, why bring him to the office if not to make him useful, right? ;)

KathyA said...

Amazing deductions, Watson! :) Sheldon should get a bonus for such a great review!


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